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By shyners | Earn Passive Crypto Income | 30 Sep 2021

Hi guys..I do hope you are all keeping well and safe..

I recently came across and signed up for a program that  I  believe will make a huge contribution to my journey towards a Passive Income🤑🤑 Here is my link below..


I highly recommend you have a look at the links below for more info and if you have any questions please email me directly with Tapestri  in the subject and I will gladly assist as best as I can.. 

[email protected] 

Marketing vid:


Compensation explained:


CEO vision:


And here is my link below again to join (in case you missed it🤑🤑)


UPDATE -20 October 2021

Well, well, well...exciting times indeed. The app has launched is the United States about 2 weeks ago. It has been approved and is available on playstore. A few lucky early members outside of the US were allowed to download and start using the app..😁 and yours truly was one of them.

I must say that just starting the app and then forgetting about it is quite lovely. And that's not the only way to earn.  You can also earn by completing surveys and by being active on the app..

Here are some screenshots...







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Earn Passive Crypto Income
Earn Passive Crypto Income

Earn a passive crypto income.

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