LTC Click Bot

LTC Click Bot, is a bot that works on Telegram, through which users complete some rates and pay payments with litecoin.

The environment is extremely si

mple and only requires that the user have Telegram installed on their smartphone


Doing tasks

The LTC Click Bot robot has three functions to fulfill tasks and one for the user to also publish notices within the network. The first function is to visit websites. In the "Menu" button, the user will enter several options: "Visit sites", "Message bots" and "Join Chats".

The "Visit sites" tasks lead the user to visit websites where they must stay for a certain amount of time. LTC Click Bot will pay Litecoines as configured by the sponsor, or the user promoting the visits.

More LTC Click Bot Features

In the "Message bots" option, the user must follow the instructions indicated by the application to send messages to others. Then there is the third task button which is "Join chats". In this section, the user will join Telegram groups promoted by their owners. You will receive instructions on how long to stay in these.

Depositing and withdrawing

In the "balance" button, the user will find the options to deposit, in case of being an advertiser, or withdraw, in case of executing tasks. To add funds you must select “Deposit”, sending Litecoin “tokens” to the address indicated by the application. To withdraw funds to your digital wallet, select "Whitdraw", having the minimum allowed, add your LTC address.


First, you have to install Telegram or singing up to Telegram Web.

Then you must register to LTC Click Bot and start earning LTC. If you like this way of earning cryptos, you can also register to:

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