XLM against Giant Crypto
XLM against Giant Crypto

By piggiemay | Earn Extra Online | 20 Mar 2020

One time I read a comment about XLM being someone's favorite crypto because it moves relatively slower and fluctuates lesser than any other cryptos. So out of curiosity I made comparison between several coins in coinbase. About each coins movement and here's what I found out.

For comparison I gathered data in one month span from Feb 21-March 20,2020. All currencies are in my native peso currency.


Start- 512,166.62
End- 338,944.09
Percentage- 29.69% (-)


Start- 14,202.28
End- 7,323.05
Percentage- 42.91% (-)


Start- 14.54
End- 8.62
Percentage- 36.57% (-)


Start- 4,112.64
End- 2,122.77
Percentage- 38.75% (-)


Start- 3.75
End- 2.19
Percentage- 37.22% (-)


Start- 14.39
End- 7.41
Percentage- 41.92% (-)

As you can see they all incurred a loss. Bitcoin having the least percentage of loss in one month span. But if we disregard the percentage and look at the value then:

Bitcoin: 173,222.53 pesos loss

Ethereum: 6,879.23 pesos loss

XRP: 5.92 pesos loss

Litecoin: 1,989.87 pesos loss

Stellar XLM: 1.56 pesos loss

BAT: 6.98 pesos loss

The data speaks. I think this kind of mindset are for the conservative investors only. Some people however are willing to invest and are ready to lose. As my teacher once said that the greater the risk, the greater the expected return.

By the way with this data, I think using XLM as a means of remittance is good especially if one don't want to risk. Mostly remittances are immediately consumed or withdrawn. A plus point to xlm is the confirmation in the blockchain is very fast.

So what do you think?


p.s Sorry for the attached picture. I've screenshot with blue light filter.


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