BTC through Facebook likes

Today I'll show you how you can get a few BTCs through likes in social media.
You just register here
Store your facebook profile and, if you want, insta twitter and youtube.
Then you like the pages that are shown to you, or you watch youtube videos.




This will earn you points and if you have enough you can have the money paid out from an amount of 15 €. Optionally in
• SEPA bank transfer (recommended)

AMAZON vouchers (multilingual)


advcash (english, russian)

PAYEER (English, Russian)




I cash out in BTC and it takes up to 30 days until it is on the wallet.
And so you can click through the daily up to 15 € per month to get BTC without equity.


So I gradually build up a little BTC without risk.
I hope I have helped a little again to collect some crypto without buying it. I am always looking to refill my wallet without risk and with little work from home or on the go. And let's face it, most of the time we have our cell phone or pc in front of our eyes anyway;) why not use this time sensibly. Have a nice day

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Earn crypto with faucet or other things
Earn crypto with faucet or other things

Hello everyone, I'm trying to write a little about my experiences here, I'm not here for a long time and only got my coins through airdrops, faucet or something else. Here I am gradually describing what I have done

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