How to Earn Almost Any Cryptocurrency for Free
How to Earn Almost Any Cryptocurrency for Free

By paleredsteel | Earn Crypto Now | 6 Nov 2019

Well, that last bit is kinda tricky. Nothing is really for free anymore. However, if you wanted to earn cryptocurrency without spending any fiat dime then yes, that's exactly what I meant and you've come to the right place, errrr, article.

So anyway, let me start by asking you a simple question (and then some follow-up questions). What's your cryptocurrency of choice?

  • Are you a Bitcoin maximalist?
  • Perhaps an Ether collector aspiring to get 32 ETH? (Apparently, the upcoming PoS for Ethereum requires 32 ETH) 
  • Maybe you wanted to give more tips to content creators on your Brave Browser and require more Basic Attention Token?
  • Perhaps you are swell and think that XRP is the standard? or love the idea that Stellar Lumens is now non-inflationary?
  • Or maybe you like meme coins like the G.O.A.T. Dogecoin, Monacoin or Bean Cash (this has got to be a meme coin too, right) ?
  • Quite possibly, you may like to get a hold of some ambitious futuristic coins like Holochain and IOTA?
  • Or maybe you have other choice of sh*tcoins, errr I mean, altcoins?




Then this site is the right one for you. Introducing!


Through this site, you can earn almost any cryptocurrency under the sun, (Oh wait, speaking of sun, you can earn Justin Sun's TRON too.) simply by doing simple tasks. Now you may ask what are those tasks exactly? Do they use my CPU to mine? Is there any catch at all? When moon? (That last one I simply cannot answer.) Easy there cowboy, I have the answers for you. First of all, they do not make you mine cryptocurrencies, almost every site that let's you mine crypto has been scammy or sketchy at best. This site is legit and they only let you do simple tasks that other sites already offer, except those other sites pay you through PayPal and take a long time before you could do your first withdrawal. In EarnCrypto, the minimum withdrawal is so small, that you could reach them in one day or even in a few hours. Here's what I got in less than an hour of doing simple tasks, I didn't even break a sweat: 


Okay, for all you crypto elitists out there, so what if I chose Holochain? I know they were late in sending out their holoports (that could be discussed in another article) but the project is still very promising and at least I did not invest in coins like BitConnect or TrumpCoin. Both of which are not available in this site, sorry Carlos Matos. We all have our sh*tcoins, I mean, altcoins of choice. We just have to respect that. Now moving on, the tasks that you can do here are really simple, they include, but are not limited to:

  • Surveys


They have a lot of surveys to choose from. I almost never run out of surveys, however, this might highly depend on where you are. I travel from time to time but I still get surveys wherever I go though. Although I've observed that I get more choices when I'm in a first-world country compared to being on a developing country (pretty unfair, huh?) but still, you should get enough surveys to earn a decent amount. Just try to answer them honestly, or else you might get temporarily or permanently banned from a survey provider if they find you cheating or being dishonest. I prefer answering Pollfish surveys since they're generally shorter, but they're also the most scarce. 


  • Jobs or Tasks posted by other users


You can also do jobs or tasks posted by other users. Usually these jobs include installing an app or signing up for something. The tasks are usually pretty easy but also usually pay less than surveys and take almost the same amount of time, so I haven't done any of them for the last six months. Instead, I post jobs and pay others to sign up to some of my referral links. You can do this too if you need more referrals for a startup project or airdrops.


  • Data Entry

I can't show you a picture for this part because it's stated on the site that the items are confidential and should not be posted elsewhere, but this is one of my favorite things to do simply because it's almost available all the time and it's very easy. You just need to type what you see in the images and they're usually just names or addresses. The pay is also decent, although you may have to really type a lot in order to see acceptable amounts. Still, if you ever run our of surveys or tasks, you can always do data entry.


  • Crowdflower Tasks


I don't know why they call it crowdflower tasks, but these are essentially just jobs as well, albeit more legit jobs. Some tasks include identifying if people still work at a certain company by checking out their LinkedIn profiles, googling some businesses and transcribing their data and finding out the operating hours of some businesses. This pays out quite well but I've had times where they're not available. It also feels like an actual job so I don't find it fun, but to each their own, so you can try it out and see for yourself. (Edit: just did a simple google search and CrowdFlower is actually the former company name of Figure Eight, the company that provides these jobs.)


  • Install Apps, Watch Videos, Answer Quizzes, Play Games


These stuff are pretty common, so I'm sure you get the idea. You have to be on your smartphone to install apps though. I prefer watching videos since it actually pays out neatly. They actually lead you to an external site called which is quite nice. It lets you earn points while you watch videos. In fact, it feels like mining while watching videos because you can just leave your computer on and keep the videos playing and you'll earn some points that converts into your crypto of choice at EarnCrypto, this happens in an instant. The system will ask for you to enter a captcha from time to time, to make sure you're not a bot and that you're still watching the videos, but it only happens after a couple of hours or so. The videos are also fun, they're usually just the same videos that you would probably watch on YouTube too. The only difference is that here, you're not just the product, but you're earning too.


Lastly, you can refer your friends and earn a bit of crypto every time they earn as well.  I'd also like to let you know that you can switch your cryptocurrency of choice anytime you want. I usually like to earn BAT and XRP from here too (Basically those coins that I think will rise one of these days, but don't trust enough to invest real money in them). Other good coins you can earn here include but are not limited to: 0x, ChainLink, Dash, Digibyte, EOS, Cardano, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, etc.

So that's all I have for now, what do you think of EarnCrypto? Pretty cool, huh? Remember, this isn't meant to be a full-time job so it's probably not going to help you buy a lambo or make your dreams come true. However, it'll definitely help on your idle times, so that instead of daydreaming of your crush or getting crushed by anxiety, you'll be earning crypto instead. If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to comment down below and I'll try to attend to them. That's all folks and let's get these cryptos!

Start earning here:




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