5 news from the crypto world - April 2

5 news from the crypto world - April 2

By DZCRYPTO | DZ CRYPTO | 2 Apr 2020

1-Central Bank Launches Blockchain Platform for Financial Authorizations:


The Central Bank of Brazil put into operation on Wednesday (1/4) the Pier platform, which uses blockchain to streamline financial authorizations.

In practice, the system allows you to instantly share information contained in databases from different agencies.

Pier stands for Regulatory Entities Information Integration Platform.

2-Brave Browser achieves new user records:


Corona quarantine increases Internet use and therefore the amount of time people spend in front of the computer.

Apparently, this has also led to many people grappling with the question of whether there are also better alternatives to Google, Mozilla and Co.

The Brave Browser in particular can score here because it rewards viewing content and advertising with its own token, the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

The idea of ​​making some money while surfing the Internet has led to a rapidly increasing number of users.

3-Verdict against messenger provider Telegram:


A New York court has now extended the ban on Telegram's Gram Token sale beyond the USA.

The messaging service provider had previously lodged an appeal against the injunction by the us stock exchange regulator SEC.

The SEC had already banned Telegram's Token sale within the USA.

The court has now granted the SEC's motion for an injunction.

AS a result of the ruling,the company is now also legally prohibited from selling the tokens to investors outside the USA who participed in the 2018 ICO.

4-Bitcoin ATMs also affected by Corona shutdown:

4Bitcoin Depot operates around 600 Bitcoin ATMs in the USA,making it the largest Bitcoin ATM operator in the world.

In order to accommodate social distancing,the company has now closed some of the machines,approximately 10%.

In addition to the corona control,economic reasons may also have been the trigger here.

After all,you have to manage the ATMs because of the quarantine,many people stay at home and therefore cannot avoid the Bitcoin ATMs.

Strictly speaking,contactless payment with cryptocurrencies would be correct right now in the times of Corona.

5-Norwegian salmon on IBM blockchain:


The boundaries are tight,but the trade must go on:In corona times, it's more important then ever that supply chains function reliably.

salmon also wants to find its way into quarantine households.

The salmon farm kvaroy Arctic is now using the blockchain solution IBM Food Trust to keep its fish with blockchain.



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