Syscoin Easy USD 20K Giveaway as NEVM Release is Approaching!

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 11 Nov 2021

As the release of Syscoin NEVM is approaching that has been described in more details in this post , offering Ethereum compatible smart contracts but backed by Bitcoin core security through merge-mining on the base layer and with unique features eventually far exceeding Ethereum EVM, Syscoin just announced a big GIVEAWAY with fairly simple rules to participate. (By the way, it cannot come as a surprise that Syscoin is up almost 50% within the last month, given what is now around the corner, yet another reason to have a closer look at Syscoin).

Join the Syscoin official Discord chat using this unique invite link and have a look at the requirements which can easily be met. The more active you are, the higher your chances of winning. Details can be found in the #invite-rules channel of the Syscoin Discord! Once you join Syscoin Discord, you need to create your own invite link on your own which is super easy to help spread the good news:


Have fun and good luck!

Finally, if you are new to Syscoin and are looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date link collection to about 25 exchangesmasternode hosting providers, wallets, downloads, latest news, videos, news releases, social media accounts and more, don't forget to visit and bookmark





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