Hands Of Diamond

By DreB💡AhaYah | DreB | 9 Feb 2021

A old school saying is "pressure burst pipes"... But they never told me pressure can turn these hands to diamonds.. The last month has been very eye opening.. Heard about major corporations buying into crypto.. Then the hedge funds "saw its shadow" so that means a extended winter of "shorting"... That pressure has caused many average hard working investors to lose money and faith.. But where there's a will there's a way! All things meant for evil shall be taken and turned good! The virus pressured us to be patient and view things differently while a corrupt system pressured us to come together as one.. (Fast forward>>) So when i checked my portfolio and saw all red.. I didnt panic this time. I studied the algorithms and wrote down different predictions i assumed markets would go and bought what i could in the dip applying pressure back this time... From the beginning of January to present day my hands have turned to diamond... Hold strong! Remember the art of HODLization! 

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