Under the Firmament

Crypto Psalm

By DreBđź’ˇAhaYah | DreB | 8 Feb 2021

Namaste, I seek forward progress like a raging sea.. Powerful and deep hoping to forever be intertwined in the everlasting jubilance of paradise.. Souls dancing to the rhythm of desire as past sorrows dissipate by a consumption of fire.. Rejoice my love the world is ours, I am yours, you are mine.. If I had nothing at all I'd be satisfied with just thy time.. It's like a flower that blossomed before time existed.. Before a touch could get me high.. Or a profit that got me lifted.. Levitating with broken concentration all for the pleasure of HODLization which I've been gifted... Following the vibration of your tone instantly became my mission.. Even with my eyes closed i see thy aura glistening.. So I pray they don't "shoot" the messengers.. And finally start listening..

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