Crypto Psalm (2)

By DreBūüí°AhaYah | DreB | 10 Feb 2021

Brand New Crypto Psalm to entertain and motivate the Bullish and Bearish nature of our beloved ones Inside the Cryptoverse...

Out with the old and in with the new.. Amongst millions of people more than half never HODL, it's true.. Secretly depressed by roads you choose... And blinded by a Inflated ego only equal to selfish views.. Breathe... Count down from 10 but stop at 2... Believe it or not that's how many dollars i once had and I invested them too...The easy way congested and the road less traveled will confuse.. Spectators will doubt and spread lies, But take L's waiting to see us lose... My offspring will be set for life, I pray they never have to put on my shoes...I think the past left us lonely so our present would be more smooth... To hear them "Wish they were me," Is like hearing chalkboards scratched at school... I made it look kinda easy but, If you believe it was you're a fool...

Crypto Psalm (2)



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