"Big Dipper"

"Big Dipper"

By DreB💡AhaYah | DreB | 11 Feb 2021

"THE BIG DIP"... Some fear it... And some run to the front line "Investments Loaded" looking to infiltrate the Cryptoverse... Today we enter... What shall you do?? My alarm woke me up before the Sun did and since I'm already invested i decided to buy more out the "Big Dipper" to potentially maximize my future gains.. The old me would have cashed out thinking the WHOLE MARKET WAS CRASHING!!😂... Well not today!! I'm not doing this for the "Present Me" I'm thinking more about the "Future Me" since these hands turned to diamond... Stand strong Crypto Family you know the "early bird gets the worm." Remember the art of HODLization and stay prosperous..

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