BCH Morning Star

By DreBđź’ˇAhaYah | DreB | 15 Feb 2021

It's 3am in the Lone Star State and I've been snowed in all day just relaxing with a smile on my face watching our "Old Faithful Tortoise" (Bitcoin Cash) keep a steady pace and make millions of investors who didn't lose faith in it MONEY!!!! The "Hares" of the cryptoverse who have been running crazy seem to be taking a quick nap since they're sooo far ahead of our beloved Bitcoin Cash.. But Shhhhhh... I heard from a little birdie BCH should pump to around 800 soon!!! She dipped but keeps a sideways upward trend giving the "none believers" a chance to switch "band wagons" and possibly make some CASH!!!! A lot of people are still sleeping as i make this post but i had to share some "Algorithm Art" with the cryptoverse I noticed this morning as well.. HODL strong Crypto Fam and stay safe.. Remember! If your investment can't make it to the moon.. HOLD STRONG and shoot for the stars! 

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