Art of HODLization (Can We Vent?)

By DreBđź’ˇAhaYah | DreB | 9 Feb 2021

HODLization: HOLDING with A psychological numbness during chaos in the cryptoverse or daily life... Will you buy the dip?? Hold? Or fold and take the L... Free will, A blessing and a curse depending on the choices we make. Millionaires will be made and millions will also be lost.. At the end of the day we must remember it's ALL JUST A TOOL TO TRADE... We the people must master the art of HODLization in our daily lives as well because it's been predicted that we are the age that "Took things for granted" and damaged the future the most.. I won't accept that so i strive to uplift everyone i cross paths with by any means necessary because at the end of the day we're all just "Heros" or "Villans" energizing the core... So remember the art of HODLization because the chaos is everlasting but the dead end cycles can come to a end and give us a sense of victory... "Metaphorically" The rabbit has the gun.. Humbly we stand keeping our composure in the midst of a storm... Hold, Our time has come....

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