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By dreadk | dreadk-blog | 15 Sep 2020


Since I started in the world of Crypto about 3 years ago, it was the discovery of a window of opportunity that could only be conceived through a new financial structure such as digital currencies. From that moment on, I became involved with different interesting projects in which I could observe their sustainability by visualizing the future, demonstrating my talent for writing through blogs such as Steemit and developing my ideas through different themes.

Another aspect that called my attention was that with the capital that was being generated, I could invest in different altcoins that were projected through their functionality and use. The first coins in which Bitcoin was the beginning, which I bought in small quantities were Electroneum, Bitcomo, Substratum, ADA, TRX, Ethereum, of course with the mentality of preserving them in the long term but in the changing and volatile path of the Crypto world, better projects and new tokens with more potential were appearing.

That is why the Blockchain has become a very interesting structure where developers build projects with extremely striking use cases and functionalities that are marked forever in the chain.

Making a synthesis of what was part of the beginning I would like to talk about the current projects I am in, which I think offer incentives and sustainability, also some proposals are fun and allow you to generate income in certain places more than others, but everything is in the vision we have and how much you go into each one of them.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is an incredible browser that gives us an excellent level of privacy and security, it is also extremely fast and pays you to receive ads with their own currency Basic Attention Token (BAT) and if you download it with my link and leave it installed on your PC or smart phone for more than 1 month you will be paid a better amount and this varies across different countries, so I leave the link for those who do not yet have it enjoy it:

Another site in which I started to receive payments of satoshis every hour, which translates into fractions of Bitcoin was the great site of Freebitcoin that has been maintained for many years, this tap gives you the possibility to claim during the time that I mentioned a certain minimum amount of Bitcoin solving the typical captcha and I think it's an excellent page to start, here I leave my link for those who do not know it and can benefit from this good site:

Zen Faucet

It is another excellent page where every 20 hours you can claim fractions of Zen a crypto that has potential, the only thing you have to do is set up on the page a Zen wallet, I recommend that you do it through Binance, if you are not in Binance do not worry also leave the link for you to register, Then you only need to log in to Binance once you have created your account and in deposits look for the ZEN currency and a wallet number will appear, you will copy it and that is the one you will paste into the Faucet Zen page settings so that you receive your payments every Monday, I will leave you the Binance link and the Faucet Zen link:

Binance Registration Link:

Link to Zen Faucet:



It is another platform with a similar operation to Facebook but much better because you get paid and you can also connect with your family and professional groups, with more organization, if you subscribe to the PRO plan you can get many more benefits, but you can join through my invitation link that I will leave you below:

Games in the Blockchain

Other interesting points is that we can also win Crypto playing and I am at this time in 2 games which I see much potential, they are Prospectors, I play both the Blockchain of EOS as well as the Blockchain of WAV in fact you can send PLG which is the native currency of the game, from one Blockchain to another by migrating, but let's go to the basics and what we are interested in is that you register, first you must have an EOS account to access Prospectors in this Blockchain and it is extremely easy in fact you can create one free of charge this way:

- Create a free EOS account, it's easy download the application Murmur in the Play Store, if you have Android or in Itunes if you have Iphone and put as reference "dread11krow" anyway at the end of the publication will leave the link of the group in Telegram where there is more information and where I will leave the tutorial with the details to create the account, likewise must also follow some steps to create a WAV account with your email and can access to register in Prospector in the WAV Blockchain.

- Once you have your EOS and WAV account you can register in the Prospectors of each Blockchain and start playing so I will leave you the registration links:

Link of ref Prospectors EOS:

Link Prospectors in WAV:

Axie Infinity

I started playing this game 2 weeks ago and it has caught my attention, to start playing you must buy your first 3 Axies to be able to access the arena, but the game is very fun and it is about the use of cards where you must apply strategies in the battle against different opponents, in every battle you win SLP which translates into love potion and this is the native currency of the game, you can change it in Uniswap for Etherum or the currency you prefer, you can see its value in Coimarketcap, so if you want to invest in a sustainable game you can do it in Axie Infinity of course I will expand the theme in my upcoming publications.

To be my first post I think I put accurate and valuable information about part of my journey in the world Crypto and the Blockchain, of course this is just the beginning, I will continue writing about different topics and perspectives that I will continue to absorb and develop along the way, I hope you enjoyed the content, so just take advantage of all these opportunities to wwith the different possibilities we have in this field that encourages us to progress and succeed.


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