Me and you

By Dray Tech | DrayTech1 | 13 Apr 2023


Am I not enough ?

I was the one u used to share smile with..
I was the one u used to walk miles with..

Every moment of your life I was there for you..
I was the one to wipe your tears for you..

You said talking to me makes your heart feel light..
Now I really don't feel the same thing tonight..

You are talking to the stranger daily nine to five..
You call him a friend but I feel it's all a lie..

You said talking to him makes your heart feel right..
All the pain and sadness he makes u keep aside..

If it was all u were feeling so long..
Why u didn't share these things to someone u belong..
Don't correct me this time coz I know I'm not saying wrong.

I was before your everything but nowadays I'm not enough !

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Dray Tech
Dray Tech

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Me yourself and smile

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