Update on BAT
Brave Monthly Users

Update on BAT

By Dpl | dpl | 5 Feb 2020

Brave Users

An update on Basic Attention Token better know as BAT. We saw a nice uptick in the price of brave over the last week which can be accredited to the increasing growth of Brave Browser users. In the past the growth was approximately 500k users every month and a half but it has more recently grown with more than 1.5 million users in a matter of a month based on a report released by Brave. The recent jump in monthly users can be seen in the below graph.


Monthly Brave Users

BAT Price & Circulation Supply

If we consider the circulation supply there is just one point in the coins life that is a bit of a concern in November of 2018 but perhaps this was an airdrop (I don't have info on this yet). Increase in the circulation supply from this date is due to the brave browser kicking off and rewarding users. This is inevitable inflation to keep the browser running (not a bad model). Time will tell if this model will succeed and I for one is excited to see what will happen with this project. 


BAT Price and Circulation Supply


Inflation from December 2018 to date is more or less 15% per year. An additional 186 million BAT coins were included into the circulation supply over the period of a year. From December 2018 approximately 1.2 billion coins were in circulation.


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