What I don't know about cryptocurrency

Let's get right into it... Cryptocurrency is a form of digital decentralized banking. The way of finance in the future. 

Things of value, that are just strings of ones and zeros. I admit, that I know only enough to claim the free sign up bonuses for all of the crypto apps and sites. I do not understand what a Blockchain is. I do not understand what NFTs are. Something about collectables that are essentially just ones and zeros in or on the internet and or computers? 

I'd like to know more about crypto, Blockchain, NFTs, and more. Please leave a like if you also would like to know more. Please leave a comment if you would like to help with basic understanding of the above mentioned.


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Trying to earn some crypto here.

Don't understand crypto very well?
Don't understand crypto very well?

In this post I will write about things that confuse me about cryptocurrency, and would like for people to comment helpful answers.

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