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Darkness ...

In the end 

All people believe 

Is that we 

Are all dead 

Dreams and desires.

Where fire is 

A spiral of 

Pain and light 

Is something that 

Comes out of 

Bulbs of glass.



Something Someone Said...

Someone once said something to me, about something so serious that I seriously, had to think about things so differently, than the way I thought it was the teachers taught it to me... About tricks and lies, and how people live and die for money... Such a tragedy, that this is just how it has to be. For us to see what we have to see. To believe.



Bad People...

If bad people ran the world, I speculate that pain and sickness would not only be acceptable, but also cheap, and easily accessible. Value, would be a concept thought of in terms of cars and wallets. And what's right would be determined by whether or not it makes money.

If bad people ran the world, I suppose, that people of peace would be forced to kill or die, and people of war would control the laws we abide by. Drugs and alcohol would be the best way to socialize. And to save a couple of dollars would be worth more than a life.

If bad people ran the world, well, I guess there's no need to worry about that, just stay positive.


These poems were written by me. 


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.










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