Legend has it

Imagine a history different than what's taught in school. A history where the American revolution was the scientific revolution. Escaping the knowledge fearing grips of the church.

Imagine if the melting pot of culture that is the USA was actually a grand competition. I mean capitalism is basically competition. We compete for jobs, glory, ladies and so forth. But what could be the prize and how many can win.

Many must die for a few to live. Seems to be how people think about money. It seems that poor people's ambition is to get rich and then have the right to look down on the impoverished. Poverty is not a choice. It is an unfortunate outcome of centuries old ways of doing things. It doesn't just affect the low income though, it is bad for the entire world. 

Why should the majority of people recieve a tiny fraction of what our few leaders recieve? 

Don't get me wrong. No need to call me a communist or a socialist. Hard work should be rewarded. But how we define work and how we value our employees seems to be, not quite right.

The wealthy rely on the fact that the poor are for sale. Willing to do things for money that they absolutely would not do for their own enjoyment.

The poor are conditioned to blame the poor, and to worry only about themselves, seems selfish. We, in society, are expected to lie, or stay silent when anybody asks about money, and to save their money which makes the money worth less. If everyone just saved, there would be no money out there for anyone. And the machine would have to print more money which decreases the value of it.

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