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Time to Set a Budget: 2021-08


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This month's budget is in disarray.

The major factor is that I'm moving off of Soggy's homestead in the middle of August. (We're still together, so don't DM her your love poems.) The restoration of my productivity and mental health will outweigh the financial costs, but the financial costs are still considerable.

Complicating matters further is that I don't yet know where I'll end up. If I can find housing in Laughlin or Bullhead City, my expenses from September onwards will be far lower. Weekly/monthly housing in Las Vegas is the more likely option, though it's also the more expensive one as well.

For now, I'll work with the worst-case budget. I'd rather be pessimistic and have funds left over than hope for the best and have to coast for two weeks with pocket change.

  • 58% - RENT
    The first month is always the worst. In addition to the cost of rent, there's the deposit and related fees. I'm also including a night of lodging for me, Soggy, and her mother so we don't have to wake up early on moving day.

  • 18% - GROCERIES
    Again, the first month will be more painful than others. There will be plenty of one-time and uncommon purchases such as cutlery. However, being within proximity to a Sam's Club should help manage costs.

    This includes monthly medications, therapy appointments, and over-the-counter medications. Over the next few months, though, I'd like to stockpile enough funds to get a new pair of glasses.

  • 5% - PHONE BILL
    I'm currently on Soggy's family's cellular plan. It will be far easier to pay them than it would be for me to get my own coverage from scratch.

  • 4% - LYFT CREDIT
    Regardless of where I end up, I'll need to deposit funds into Lyft if for no other reason than to get a ride home after purchasing a cart full of groceries.

    The bad news is that this is not enough to keep momentum going with Coitus Comedius. However, this is enough for a month of Sermons from Vermin.

  • 3% - BUS PASSES
    Regardless of where I end up, the bus will be the cheapest mode of travel. Depending on the time of day and the route, it could be the most interesting mode of travel as well.

One easy-to-spot omission in this budget is the complete lack of investment (save for Sin City Screwballs). If I end up in Vegas, there's a high chance that I won't be buying any USDC, BNB, SRI, etc. Yes, I expect expenses to be lower from September onwards, but extra funds will still be thin -- especially if I'm in weekly/monthly housing.

My current solution to this is to look for part-time and/or short/term gigs in either software testing or writing. Thankfully, I don't need money for necessities, so I'm not going to beg. Money that I earn from side-gigs will go towards paying contributors or buying BNB. I would appreciate job leads ([email protected] for software testing and [email protected] for writing).

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