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Shameless Promotion for a Money-Making App: Current

DISCLAIMER 1: This blog post is a shameless plug for a money-making phone app. Note, though, that I am not receiving any additional compensation other than the in-app rewards. ...and, of course, your generous tips, readers!

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Why pay to listen to streaming music when you can get paid to listen to streaming music?

That is the premise behind the Current app.


Setting up the app is fairly simple. New users can create accounts either traditionally or via pre-existing accounts such as Google. The app awards points for every minute the user listens to music, for completing offers, for filling out surveys, for watching videos, or for charging the phone. Users can exchange points for gift cards, credits, or point-boosters.

One catch is that the rate at which listening to music generates points ranges from 5.0 to 0.1, with the rate gradually dropping over time. Users can raise the rate by completing offers, filling out surveys, and watching videos.

Also, the Current app does not grant boons to idlers. In order to gain music credits, users must have their volume on, and users must check in every 1-2 hours.


  • Current offers a good variety of bonuses. As of 2020-12-04, the shop includes free offers, free coupons, point-boosters, charitable donations, Bitcoin, PayPal credit, and gift cards for Amazon, XBox, Regal Cinemas, AMC, Macy's, Sephora, T-J-Maxx, Fandango, Walmart, Uber, Target, Starbucks, eBay, Best Buy, and Google Play. Right now, the biggest prize is $100 of Amazon credit for 97,500 points. My personal go-to is $20 to my PayPal account for 32,500 points. After all, most businesses in Las Vegas still take United States dollars. (Popeye's, what's with the attitude? Is my $10 bill not good enough for you? There wasn't even that much blood on it, and the blood wasn't even mine! That means it's still legal tender!)
  • Current has a goal-tracking feature. Select the prize you want to get, and Current will show your progress as a percentage. It will also send you reminders when you reach milestones such as 25% and 50%.
  • Current offers a decent variety of categories. There's no guarantee that you'll find a specific artist, but you'll likely find the right genre.
  • Current is generous with a variety of bonuses:
    • Achieving daily goals (250 points, 500 points, and 1,000 points) awards bonus points.
    • Consecutive check-in streaks (click a button once a day, then start at least one song) award bonus points.
    • Any prize redemption that costs points awards at least one free point booster, and each point booster is active for 30 consecutive days.
    • Current awards partial rewards for incomplete surveys and for surveys that end due to technical problems.
    • Current has frequent contests where users can win anywhere from 500 to 75,000 points.
    • Current has occasional periods where surveys award 50% more points.
    • Current offers referral bonuses for the first ten references that a user brings to an app.


  • There's no kind way to say this: the app is a godforsaken, bug-heavy mess.
    • The app crashes 2-3 times a day. It usually restarts, but it's annoying when it happens.
    • The music occasionally stops for no reason. Network issues are not the culprit; the stream pauses for no discernable reason, and I have to manually resume it.
    • The GUI changes randomly. The most annoying example is the inexplicable swapping between system notifications and modal windows that cover almost the entire app. Another example is the Earn screen which inexplicably changes its appearance with no way to manually change it.
    • The survey interface can be maddening due to it not removing already-completed surveys and providing broken surveys.
    • The app replaces the lock screen. This can be a problem when the lock screen is slow-loading or completely unresponsive.
  • The song rotation can be repetitive for users who listen to the same channel for two or more days at a time.
  • Boosts to the points-per-minute rate are not applied in anything resembling a set schedule. After completing a batch of surveys, I've had to wait anywhere between thirty minutes to an entire day to see my rate rise.
  • Redemptions take anywhere from three to ten business days. It's not the best choice for users who need immediate cash or credits.
  • Customer service is completely unresponsive.



To be honest, using Current requires patience (and a sense of humor). However, those who are patient and dedicated can grind out some decent prizes. I just received my first $20 PayPal credit today (I redeemed it last Friday). And, by my calculations, I can get up to 32,5000 points every 10-15 days. That may not sound that great, but that can add up to an extra $462 to $693 per year (factoring in PayPal taking $1 per redemption for fees). That can buy quite a bit of cryptocurrency or grilled chicken fries. Others' mileage may vary; one reason I'm able to earn points so rapidly is because I spend most of my time in my apartment, and I can play the music and monitor the app while I tend to other tasks. People who cannot work from home, people who use public transportation, and people who are conscious about their tastes in music will probably have lower daily totals.

If you want to start collecting prizes and credits right away, go ahead and download the app, but be warned that you'll need to have a bit of patience. For everyone else, I recommend waiting for a few releases to give the developers a chance to hammer out the bugs and expand their song selection.

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