To Be Fair, They Can't Have Bad Customer Service If They Don't Have ANY Customer Service at All.

SCAM ALERT: Coin Birds

If I had done a simple web search on Coin Birds, I would have seen plenty of warning signs that the site was far, far from legitimate.

Unfortunately, I need to learn some lessons the hard way. This lesson came to me when I discovered that their online support does not exist. It's not that they don't respond to communications; the communications are returned as undeliverable.

I recently switched phones. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of resetting my old phone without backing up my authentication app data. Thankfully, most of my accounts that required 2FA allowed me to reset it.

Bird Coins was the glaring exception.

I tried contacting Bird Coins' support multiple times, but each email was returned as undeliverable. When I looked for other ways to contact Coin Birds, I found reports of the site only allowing people to withdraw 40% of their withdrawable funds, closing accounts getting close to withdrawal, and being a flat-out Ponzi scheme. Convinced that I'd been had, I cut my losses.

Thankfully, I didn't make more than 3 minor external deposits. The biggest loss was the time I spent on the site, and I'm beginning to fear that I'll have similar problems with ChickHen at the end of this month.

Don't make the mistake I did. Steer clear of these foul fowl.

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