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#SatoshisSaturday... on Sunday?: 2021-08-01


The links to the crypto sites in this article are affiliate links. Furthermore, I use to shorten hyperlinks. I get a few cents when users click the links, and I get rewarded if users register using these links. However, my personal experiences with these sites have been beneficial enough that I can promote them without feeling like a shill.

I will gladly provide clean links upon request.


This article is not a "get rich quick" article. This refers to sites and strategies which I personally use. It is entirely possible that my actions and subscriptions could lead to financial loss. As such, constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

For readers wondering why I'm a day late with this post:

Fig. 1: My Sleep Cycle Needs a Tune-Up.

Yes, yesterday was very much a sleep-and-cartoons day. Now that I'm fully-rested, it's time to roll up my sleeves and get some work done.

Thankfully, many of my investments generated income despite my idleness.

  1. Browse with Brave Browser

    Still using it. Still clearing data upon every shutdown. Still not seeing many ads since Kingman isn't a major city. C'est la vie.

  2. Check Publish0x at least three times a day

    ...the less said, the better.

  3. Mine with Windows Ethereum Miner

    Nanopool's experimental calculator reports that my current rate is roughly $1.95/day in ETH. It also estimates an automatic payout in roughly 7 months. That would make for a nifty payday come March 2022.

  4. Stake AWC with Atomic Wallet

    My stake generates the equivalent of $0.10/day in AWC. With the size of my stake, I'm hesitant to keep "gambling" with the stake. I'm more strongly tempted to unstake, convert the stake to USDC, and take the more stable 10.3% APY at CoinLoan.

  5. Gather interest at CoinLoan on USDC

    I'm currently getting roughly $0.12/day in USDC on my balance. And monthly external deposits should add another $0.03/day to the total. Every little bit helps.

  6. Purchase Socially-Responsible Investments on E*Trade

    My portfolio is at a roughly 2% loss. It's far too soon to panic, but the takeaway is that I need to spend more time focusing on indices and less time focusing on individual stocks.

    My portfolio currently looks like:

    1. 3 shares of CYAN
    2. 1 share of EDU
    3. 4 shares of FTEK
    4. 1.106 shares of GCINX
    5. 3 shares of MKTY
    6. 1 share of SHE
    7. 1 share of SPYX

  7. Generate RLT with RollerCoin

    My RLT generation is at $0.07/day. In theory, I should be able to buy another Rollerminer S7 by the end of the week.

    I may need to write an updated blog post regarding Rollercoin's profitability after their newest change rollout.

Atomic Wallet
$0.10/day in AWC

$0.12/day in USDC

$0.07/day in RLT

Windows Ethereum Miner
$1.95/day in ETH

This adds up to $2.24/day in reliable, passive income. That's an additional $817.60/year in reinvestment power.

Like I said before: every little bit helps.

Moving forward, though, my overall investment budget may be significantly reduced (or eliminated completely). I'll be moving off of Soggy's homestead in August. (We're still together, so don't DM her your selfies.) The cost of restoration to my productivity and mental health will outweigh the financial costs of living on my own. However, the financial costs of living on my own will mean making some rearrangements and cuts -- such as cuts to #SatoshisSaturday and Sin City Screwballs.

One way I'm trying to mitigate that is to look for short-term and/or part-time gigs in either software testing or writing. Thankfully, I don't need money for necessities, so I'm not going to beg. Money that I earn from side-gigs will go towards paying contributors or buying BNB. I would appreciate job leads ([email protected] for software testing and [email protected] for writing).

I'm willing to hustle to HODL or code-check for comedy.

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