"You Want to Close without Warning? How about I Close You with My Foot on Your Heiney?!?"

#SatoshisSaturday: 2021-05-08


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This article is not a "get rich quick" article. This refers to sites and strategies which I personally use. It is entirely possible that my actions and subscriptions could lead to financial loss. As such, constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

I've got a bit of a see-saw dynamic occurring; my crytpo and microinvestments are coming together while my health falls apart.

Who would have guessed that three years of fight-or-flight followed by sudden relaxation and safety could lead to physical and mental turmoil?

I'm still trying to get myself back on track -- physically, mentally, and creatively. Thankfully, most of my investments are working with little to no interaction from me.

This week, though, I'm adding Kryptex to the scoreboard. I'm still trying to troubleshoot the sudden, warning-less terminations, but I'm earning enough to include it without feeling like an exaggerator or a hypocrite.

So let's look at my micro-investing manifest, shall we?

  1. Browse with Brave Browser

    Still a good browser. Still awarding BAT. Still no reason to use other browsers unless I want to use Lolli.

  2. Listen to Current while writing

    My daily average is inching closer to 1,500 points/day, with some days awarding up to 4,000 points. Since 38,950 points earns a $20 PayPal credit (well, $19 after fees), that raises my earnings to roughly $0.73/day.

  3. Mine with Kryptex

    I'm still having technical issues; Kryptex closes randomly without any error or warning. Sometimes, it runs for a few hours before closing. Other times, it closes within seconds of me opening the app.

    However, I've discovered that I can reduce the odds of a shutdown by using Pro Mode. Pro Mode allows me to deselect algorithms that fail benchmarks, miners that use algorithms that fail benchmarks, and equipment-specific miners that do not apply to the high-performance computer. I can also make miner windows visible; watching at the right time might yield info about an error or problem that I can anticipate. These measures discretely reduce the number of random shutdowns.

    As for earnings... it's not as easy as the estimates that Kryptex reports. There's a ~$0.60 gap between the actual balance and the withdrawable balance. Kryptex charges roughly $11.15 in network fees for BTC payouts. And no daily/monthly rate means anything when the application terminates itself when I cannot restart it right away. Finally, I can't do CPU mining when I want to use the high-performance computer at all or GPU mining when I want to do anything graphic-intensive.

    Kryptex has reported results ranging from $2.95/day to $7.30/day. Factoring in time where I cannot mine, I'll estimate an actual rate of $1.50/day. That would lead to ~$45 in a month, which would drop down to ~$33 (network fee and inaccessible balance) if I were to withdraw on a monthly basis. That would give me an approximate rate of $1.10/day in BTC.

  4. Check Publish0x at least three times a day

    The check's in the mail!

    Jokes aside, I'm restructuring my life to allow more time for personal and creative writing. If/when I complete this, expect more blog activity.

  5. Stake AWC with Atomic Wallet

    Apparently, AWC bumped up in value, increasing the value of my stake to $0.11/day in AWC.

  6. Stake ALGO and buy other crypto on Binance US

    In addition to buying ALGO for staking, I'm buying BNB (to convert to stake-able AWC) and USDT (to deposit into CoinLoan). My ALGO holdings are currently worth 14% more than what I've paid for them.

  7. Build interest with USDT deposits on CoinLoan

    No changes here, so I'm getting $0.03/day in USDT.

  8. Build interest on Cointiply

    No (significant) changes here; occasionally tapping a faucet to get a fraction of a cent (and to qualify for the weekly interest payments) does not significantly change my balance. However, the $0.02/day equivalence in Cointiply coins will add up sooner or later.

  9. Purchase Socially-Responsible Investments on E*Trade

    I added three shares of MKTY to my portfolio. However, my portfolio is currently at a 4% loss in value. This isn't a bank-breaker, but I should consider whether to cut my losses with FTEK, which is the reason why my portfolio is in the red.

    My portfolio currently looks like:

    1. 3 shares of FTEK
    2. 1.106 shares of GCINX
    3. 3 shares of MKTY

  10. Use HashShiny to mine BTC, ETH, and DCR

    I'm still watching and waiting for March 2023. Until then, I'm currently generating $1.49/day in BTC, $0.16/day in ETH, and $0.16 in DCR.

  11. Shop online with Lolli

    I'm waiting patiently for Lolli to confirm the eligible purchases. I cannot wait to put those BTC rebates into interest-bearing accounts.

  12. Generate RLT with RollerCoin

    I haven't fully investigated all of the changes that RollerCoin made recently. I did, however, convert my BTC, ETH, and DOGE into RLT and bought more miners. I've also changed my strategy; waiting to reach 99 RLT is a bit silly when there are cheaper miners available. If I fill all four rooms with 3-RLC miners, that should significantly boost my daily income without requiring significant external deposits. Being able to sell unwanted miners makes this strategy more compelling.

    RollerCoin states that RLT blocks are awarded roughly every 10 minutes and 1 second. I'll round that up to 15 minutes. I get 0.000812 RLT per block, which rounds down to $0.07/day in RLT. If I wait until I can afford a Rollerminer S7 (1320 GHz/s for 3.00), I should be able to buy the next unit by 2021-05-20.

To calculate my daily total, I'm being purposely pessimistic. I'm only counting income that is reasonably guaranteed. I'm excluding all investments until/unless I can demonstrate steady, provable, passive income greater than or equal to $0.01/day. For fractions of a US cent, I round down to the nearest whole cent.

Figures are based on values as of 2021-05-08 11:05am PST:

  • The price of 1 BTC was $58,873.96.
  • The price of 1 ETH was $3,811.66.
  • The price of 1 BNB was $649.71.
  • The price of 1 DCR was $197.03.
  • The price of 1 AWC was $2.30.
  • The price of 1 ALGO was $1.53.
  • The price of 1 BAT was $1.43.
  • The price of 1 AMPL was $1.34.
  • The price of 1 USDC was $1.00.
  • The price of 1 USDT was $1.00.
  • RollerCoin equated 1 RLT with 1 USDT.
  • The price of 1 DAI was $0.99.
  • The price of 1 LRC was $0.57.

Atomic Wallet
$0.11/day in AWC

$0.03/day in USDT

$0.02/day in Cointiply Coins

$0.73/day in USD

$1.49/day in BTC
$0.16/day in ETH
$0.16/day in DRC

$1.10/day in BTC

$0.07/day in RLT

This adds up to $3.87/day in reliable, passive income. That's an additional $1,412.55/year in reinvestment power.

Long-time readers are probably sick of me repeating myself, but I adore investments that require little or no management from me. Once I get a sufficient amount of AMPL (gas fees and networking fees make transferring or exchanging small amounts of AMPL a colossal waste of money), I'd like to participate in a staking pool; Geyser offers an AMPL/ETH/BTC pool which reports over 30% APY. As for iFARM... I'm still struggling with what to do with this token.

Gradually purchasing USDT from Binance US will give me a chance to boost my CoinLoan balance. This is pie-in-the-sky-ish, but if I get my balance there up to $25,000 or more, I'll be able to use half of the monthly interest payments to buy the most powerful miner that RollerCoin routinely offers and still have enough interest left over to earn a significant chunk of interest. And the more BNB I can get, the more I can increase my AWC stake.

My finances will have a significant upheaval, with my income effectively increasing and decreasing at the same time. I'll explain in detail the next time I talk about my budget, but one side-effect is that I'll have a bit more money left over for my microinvestments.

How's your financial fortitude today?

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