#SatoshisSaturday: 2021-03-06
"I've Got Your Gas Fees RIGHT HERE, You HODLing Hooligans!"

#SatoshisSaturday: 2021-03-06


The links to the crypto sites in this article are affiliate links. Furthermore, I use shorte.st to shorten hyperlinks. I get a few cents when users click the links, and I get rewarded if users register using these links. However, my personal experiences with these sites have been beneficial enough that I can promote them without feeling like a shill.

I will gladly provide clean links upon request.


This article is not a "get rich quick" article. This refers to sites and strategies which I personally use. It is entirely possible that my actions and subscriptions could lead to financial loss. As such, constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

I've put much thought into my investment strategies this past week. I 've discussed the importance of compound interest, pointed out that Rollercoin is playing a looooong game with potential investors, and convinced myself to limit HashShiny interactions to mining DRC and nothing else.

I've also removed a few regular investments:

  • Hedged Bitcoin seems like nothing but HODLing to me. Considering how many alternate services I use that offer compound interest, I cashed out and reinvested.
  • RandomSatoshi. I crunched the numbers, and I discovered that exchanging Hideout TV points for Cointiply coins is more profitable than tapping faucets. In theory, I could do both by filling out a few surveys through RandomSatoshis' interface, but it's not a high priority at the moment.
  • Worthy Financial has stopped selling bonds. I requested a cash-out with the intent of either reinvesting or paying for my upcoming move.

I'm also investigating a few new investment opportunities. However, since I'm weary of saying, "Oops. This service which I've been promoting for weeks is actually a scam LOL," I'm going to see if they pass trust tests before blogging about them. See? I learn.

Let's see how my remaining investments fare.

  1. Browse with Brave Browser

    The good news: Brave is still a great browser, even without the free BAT.

    The bad news: I am SICK of Uphold. Uphold was a necessary evil when I was using Hedged Bitcoin. Now... I'd love little more than for the Brave staff to find an alternate partner for their BAT distribution needs. Having to pay $12 to transfer funds into my personal wallet is robbery.

  2. Check Publish0x at least three times a day

    I am grateful for the new followers and the surge of tips this week. I'll do what I can to publish multiple high-quality blog posts a week.

  3. Stake AWC with Atomic Wallet

    Still a $0.02/day rate for AWC. However, my struggles to find a low-hassle, low-fee means of buying BNB have this essentially stalled. Also, I may have found an alternate means of utilizing BNB if I manage to get my hands on some.

  4. Build interest on BlockFi

    My current balance yields roughly $5.05/year, which rounds down to $0.01/day, so I can finally add it to the scoreboard! Yes!

  5. Invest spare change with CoinSeed

    With my upcoming move and subsequent budgeting, weekly contributions will not always be possible. However, I can invest as little as $10, and I can buy USDC, which CoinSeed allows me to lock for $5 interest. Essentially, I'll treat CoinSeed as a "spare change" investment when I can't afford alternate options like CoinLoan.

    Coinseed reports that my current locked funds will yield about $2.20/year. Not enough for the scoreboard, but still a far better use of funds than Craps or Texas Hold 'Em.

  6. Build interest on Cointiply

    My balance will yield about $2.51/year in interest. That's great, but it's not enough for the $0.01/day threshold. In the meantime, I'll keep depositing, tapping the faucet, and watching videos to boost my balance.

    It's worth noting that Cointiply coins are fixed-value; 100 Cointiply coins equals $0.01 worth of BTC regardless of BTC's current price. Bitcoin's current volatility make Cointiply a great contender for a cryptocurrency investment.

  7. Purchase Socially-Responsible Investments on E*Trade

    I can understand how traditional investments such as stocks and mutual funds would be an odd inclusion in a cryptocurrency investment scheme. However, my justification is that it honors the principle of diversity. Also, the prospect of supporting responsible companies while making a bit of extra income is compelling. I've already started with a $15 investment in GCINX.

    To give you an idea of my E*Trade investment strategy, here are the titles of my watch lists:

    1. Anti-Pollution Investments
    2. Aquaculture Investments
    3. General SRI Funds and Indices
    4. Geothermal Investments
    5. Green Transportation Investments
    6. Organics Investments
    7. Rail Transportation
    8. Solar Investments
    9. Waste Reduction Investments
    10. Water Investments
    11. Wind Investments

  8. Build interest on FreeBitco.in

    I'm still getting 44 satoshis a day. However, after crunching the numbers, I can't think of a reason not to withdraw and reinvest in BlockFi and Cointiply. Even with daily interest payments, FreeBitco.in earns less due to the slightly lower interest rate. It's not a huge gap at my current investment levels, but I'll be giving up significant chunks of free money as my balances increase.

    It's not that FreeBitco.in is bad, per se. I can vouch for their reliable deposits and withdrawals (lag notwithstanding), and their customer support is pretty decent. 

  9. Use HashShiny to mine DCR

    I've turned off auto-reinvestments for BTC and ETH. And it's entirely possible that I'll end up with an ETH balance that I can't withdraw due to not clearing the minimum balance. However, DCR mining looks like it could yield an ROI somewhere in the mid-thirties percentages, so I'll try that for now. However, I still can't recommend HashShiny with a clear conscience due to their steep fees, random payout amounts, and random fee amounts.

    My accounts are currently generating $1.20/day in BTC, $0.09/day in ETH, and $0.14/day in DCR.

  10. Shop online with Lolli

    The bad news is that Lolli is incompatible with Brave Browser. The good news is that there is no penalty to installing Google Chrome, installing the Lolli extension, and using Google Chrome as the primary means of online purchases. And it appears that Lolli has made some significant enhancements since I left it. It appears that rebates take a few days instead of a few months, which is a great improvement. And since Priceline is a Lolli partner, virtually every trip I will take will generate BTC.

    Also, Microsoft is a Lolli partner as well. Since I plan on using the potential stimulus payment to purchase a high-performance computer, that will be another way to get a BTC rebate.

  11. Generate RLC with RollerCoin

    I was tempted to omit this as an investment since RLT have no value outside of RollerCoin. However, my purpose of generating RLT is to buy more high-grade mining units. If I max out all four rooms with high-grade miners, my account will generate roughly $7/day in BTC, ETH, DOGE, or any combination of the three. I'm not currently willing to sink significant external deposits into reaching this goal, but $7/day for nothing does sound appealing, even with the potential half-decade it would take to break even.

    My current mining power yields 0.059184 RLT, which round down to $0.05/day. Unless I boost my involvement, I'll have to wait about 5.5 years to buy an El Monstro.

To calculate my daily total, I'm being purposely pessimistic. I'm only counting income that is reasonably guaranteed. I'm excluding all investments until/unless I can demonstrate steady, provable, passive income greater than or equal to $0.01/day. For fractions of a US cent, I round down to the nearest whole cent.

Figures are based on values as of 2021-03-26 10:00am PST:

  • The price of 1 BTC was $48,171.98.
  • The price of 1 PAXG was $1,711.88.
  • The price of 1 ETH was $1,596.04.
  • The price of 1 BCH was $492.99.
  • The price of 1 DASH was $206.36.
  • The price of 1 LTC was $181.21.
  • The price of 1 DRC was $149.37.
  • The price of 1 AWC was $1.62.
  • The price of 1 USDC was $1.00.
  • RollerCoin equated 1 RLC with 1 USDT, which was worth $1.00.
  • The price of 1 XRP was $0.45.

Atomic Wallet



$1.20/day in BTC
$0.09/day in ETH
$0.14/day in DRC

$0.05/day in RLC

This adds up to $1.53/day in reliable, passive income. That's an additional $558.45/year in reinvestment power.

I have four accounts that I will never be able to add to the scoreboard since they don't qualify as "reliable" income. However, it wouldn't hurt to give CoinSeed a boost. There are worse things to do with the occasional $10 bill, after all.

I'm going to try and invest as much as I can before May 2021 arrives. The good news is that I will automatically be enrolled into Medicare. The bad news is that I'll have to incorporate the monthly premiums for Medicare supplementary coverage, which will  eat into my ability to invest. However, this is a great problem to have, since my Primary Care Provider will no longer be "Nearest Emergency Room." Also, a 10% ROI means nothing if I'm too insane or dead to do anything with it.

That's one reason among many why I prefer hands-off or light-maintenance investments. The thought of my money working when I cannot appeals greatly to me. This will become especially important when I return to Las Vegas, since free time will be rare starting from the first minute.

How are your crypto conquests faring, readers?


I have 15 years of experience as a software tester. I've been writing off-and-on for 28 years. I adapt quickly to new technologies and new methodologies. And I believe that humor is the most important social skill.

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