If I Can't Kiss a Beautiful Woman Under the Mistletoe, Then a Full Bitcoin Will Make for a Decent Consolation Gift.

#SatoshisSaturday: 2020-12-12

By LoonyLiberal | Dollars and Nonsense | 13 Dec 2020


The links to the crypto sites in this article are affiliate links. Furthermore, I use shorte.st to shorten hyperlinks. I get a few cents when users click the links, and I get rewarded if users register using these links. However, my personal experiences with these sites have been beneficial enough that I can promote them without feeling like a shill.


This article is not a "get rich quick" article. This refers to sites and strategies which I personally use. It is entirely possible that my actions and subscriptions could lead to financial loss. As such, constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

With regards to writing and other creative projects, this was a lousy week for me. I started the week with a manic phase and ended the week with a depressive phase, neither of which is conducive to productivity. On the bright side, passive sources of income do not care when my mental illnesses surface. (Splinterlands does, however, care when I play an Earthquake match and select a team with no flying monsters or armor.) Also, I sent a few satsoshis into my current investments for some discrete boosts in income.

I'm experimenting with some additional web sites and apps, but I'm waiting to add them to my roster. Although I pride myself on issuing corrections and mea culpas, I feel like a moron when I have to post anything like, "Hey, readers! Remember that service that I've been plugging for weeks? Well, it turns out that it sucks! My bad!" So I'll spend a few extra weeks or months to perform sanity tests.

But who needs sanity when one has satoshis? Let's look into my crypto investments, shall we?

  1. Browse with Brave Browser

    I forget whom it was, but someone pointed out that the iPhone version of Brave Browser does not post notification ads. Considering that Brave awards BAT for each notification ad it posts, that's a serious problem. I fail to see how this is a good thing for either Apple or Brave.

    At the risk of sounding callous, though, this does not affect me since I use Brave on Windows 10 and Android. So I'll silently take my $3-$6/month and keep surfing.

    I keep seeing conflicting information about whether or not Brave has a referral program. Well, if it does, then curse me for not being able to find it.

  2. Have CryptoTab Browser running in the background

    Small profit beats no profit, right? And even with its mining operations, CryptoTab is still faster than Microsoft Edge... or Sonic the Hedgehog in any modern-era Team Sonic game.

    I have no referrals yet. They're a nice-to-have, but I am not compelled to do a hard-sell or a signal boost.

  3. Play music, complete surveys, and charge my phone with the Current app

    To their credit, the team at Current consistently pays me my PayPal rewards 5 business days after I earn them, and sending most of my earnings to Excel Mining or HashShiny can be a long-term winner (and arguably healthier than all of those grilled chicken fries I've been eating recently). However, the app is still a bug-infested mess, with issues ranging from "We decided to change the GUI for no reason whatsoever" to "You want to unlock your phone? That's adorable."

    I don't know how many referrals I have. Current doesn't display that data.

  4. Log into Ronex: Keep it open

    RX Coin mining is deactivated until sometime in January 2021, and I have no way to sell or stake my existing stash of RX Coin. All I can do is collect my $0.68/day, then re-deposit on 2021-01-01. On the bright side, my deposit will advance to a tier with a higher interest rate (3.1%/day) and a lower deposit time (30 days).

    To date, I have earned $0.00 from 4 referrals.

  5. Play Crytpo Mining Game at least three times a day

    I'm close to reaching level 17, which will give me a 100% success rate on missions ranked at level 17 or below. Also, levelling up grants boons such as increasing and completely filling the energy bar (energy is what players use to attempt missions, attack other players, and perform "jobs" in exchange for both in-game and external cryptocurrencies). I've all but given up on the PvP aspect of the game; cards which boost profitability are more valuable to me than cards that win matches.

    To date, I have earned $0.00 from 3 referrals.

  6. Check Publish0x at least three times a day

    I've let this fall by the wayside. Whether I'm blogging, sharing links on other media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, or leaving comments, I need to engage more with my readers and my fellow authors.

    Which reminds me: if you're not following (S)llew la wulf, your Publish0x experience is woefully incomplete.

    To date, I have two referrals. In 2021, I should put more effort into promoting both my blogs and Publish0x as a whole.

  7. Log into BTCFox a few times a day

    This reliable site continues to be a steady source of income. I'm currently earning 8,715 satoshis/day. This number keeps discretely climbing due to my multiple reinvests each day, though I intend to catalyze the growth with the occasional external deposit.

    I currently have 5 referrals which has earned me 654 satoshis.

  8. Log into TrustDice a few times a day

    My TXT dividends are currently earning me 27/100ths of a cent in cryptocurrencies. I've fallen out of love with BitCoin crash; I don't bother betting TXT any more, staking bonuses from the daily login and the faucet as soon as I collect them. TrustDice will still be my number one gambling site due to the TXT mining, especially if Governer Sisolak closes the casinos again. However, TrustDice doesn't have great food specials or $5 Craps with 10x odds, so I'll head to the Cannery if I have money to spare.

    TrustDice has a referral program, but I insist that readers under the age of 21 not visit any internet gambling site. Yes, I know that other states and countries have different legal ages. But just because something is legal doesn't mean that it's wise or safe.

  9. Check Excel Mining once a day

    This site is equal parts promising and frustrating.

    To its credit, the minimum reinvestment amounts are low. Also, the ability to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, and ZCash will give my crypto portfolio some much-needed diversification. And their customer engagement -- both automated emails and customer service responses -- is solid.

    However, their reinvestment mechanics need improvement. Unlike HashShiny, Excel Mining has manual reinvestments instead of automatic reinvestments. Also, Excel Mining considers reinvestments as a withdrawal, which doesn't sound bad until I point out that Excel Mining only allows one "withdrawal" every 24 hours. That makes sense for customers that want to put funds into their crypto wallets since fees can add up. However, telling customers, "You have to wait 24 hours to buy our product" seems needlessly silly to me.

    Nevertheless, I'm up to about $0.22/day in Bitcoin, which is currently enough for daily reinvestments. My next external deposits will focus on Ethereum until I can reinvest daily in that crypto as well.

    I currently have two referrals which have earned me 265 GHz of mining power.

  10. Play Splinterlands daily

    Splinterlands has become very much a way ahead or way behind experience. I do pretty well when my opponents forget the rulesets or use a team of low-damage, low-HP monsters. Conversely, I get clobbered when I forget the rulesets or face an opponent with cards that are several levels above mine. I'd like to make some external deposits -- especially to get a few parcels of land and strengthen my summoners -- but this is a low-priority investment.

    I logged onto Discord yesterday and queried my stats. If memory serves me correctly, my deck was worth roughly $68.50.

    To date, I have no referrals. Considering the game's popularity, this is not a shocker.

  11. Check ChickHen on Saturdays

    If I make no external deposits, I'll hit the minimum withdrawal threshold on 2021-02-20. And 200,000 satoshis can be either a decent bump to another crypto investment or a nice steak dinner. (Though if I get the porterhouse special at the Longhorn, 200,000 satoshis can be both.)

    My birds currently generate 24,415 eggs/hour, adding up to 585,960 eggs/day. 100 eggs are worth 1 coin, and 1 coin is worth 1 satoshi. 70% of egg sales go to the purchase pool, and the other 30% go into the withdrawal pool. That means that I'm earning ((585,960 eggs * 0.3) / 100) = 1,757 satoshis/day.

    To date, I have earned $0.00 from 5 referrals.

  12. Check Coin Birds on Saturdays

    I tried checking this site a few minutes ago, and I got a 524 error. That's troubling. However, I was able to login six hours ago, and my birds were earning me $0.36/day. If this site goes down for good, I'll send out a mea-culpa post, mutter a few curse words, and move on.

    To date, I have earned 500 silver coins (equivalent to roughly $0.06) from 2 referrals.

  13. Let my hashrates at HashShiny build

    My love/hate relationship with HashShiny remains constant.

    The good: automatic reinvestments rock. I can buy hash power with my debit card, completely bypassing crypto fees. HashShiny is generous with discount codes. Their smartphone app is simple to use. And being able to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZEC, DCR, DASH, and LiteCoin will allow me to bring balance to the Force... I mean... my crypto portfolio.

    The bad: HashShiny's maintenance fees are sky-high, landing in the 50%-60% range. And, based on my experiences, pre-paid debit cards can be a real pain to use with HashShiny.

    After fees, I'm making about $0.27 in BTC and $0.04 in ETH.

    I'm sticking to my guns with regards to not providing a referral link. I'm stubborn enough to stick with this site, but not stubborn enough to recommend a service that eats up half of the profits.

  14. Use Lolli for online purchases

    Lolli has potential, but it's still frustrating to use. The intense lag times between making an online purchase and having the purchase acknowledged, and then the 30-90 day wait to collect the Bitcoin rebate are serious problems. If it weren't for Lolli's prompt and effective customer service, I would have abandoned this add-on. For now, I'll use it for either large purchases (such as buying Harry's Shave Club supplies in bulk) or purchases that are either unique to online or more easily acquired online (such as a subscription to PureVPN).

  15. Use Pei for offline purchases

    My earnings on this app are stalled. I'm getting literally nothing from my weekly shopping trips to Walmart (it's within walking distance, and I'm pinching pennies, so please forgive me). However, I learned that if I eat at Panda Express instead of Roberto's Taco Shop at Sam's Town, I get Pei points. The moral of this story: less grilled chicken fries, more orange chicken. 

    Referrals are on an invite-only basis. If you would like an invite, give me a way to privately send you one, and I'll gladly share.

* * *


To calculate my daily total, I'm being purposely pessimistic. I'm only counting income that is reasonably guaranteed. I'm excluding all games until/unless I can demonstrate steady, provable, passive income. I'm also excluding currency that cannot currently be spent, such as RX Coin.

Figures are based on values as of 2020-12-12 6:17pm PST, when the price of 1 BTC was $18,762.34




Coin Birds


Excel Mining
$0.22/day (BTC)

$0.27/day (BTC)
$0.04/day (ETH)



The figures add up to $4.79/day in passive income. That's not much of an increase from last week, but at least the overall total is moving upward.

Part of my 2021 refocusing strategy is to invest more frequently in my crypto investments. This will be easier done than said since most of the "charm" of Las Vegas has worn off. It's true that, as a casual foodie, I can literally eat my income if I overindulge in eating out. However, the appeal of travelling around Vegas is practically zero. People beg me for cash, weed, or my phone no matter where I go. Strangers make unwanted remarks about the size of my face mask ("At least I'm wearing one, Typhoid Moron!"), the speed of my standard walking pace ("All the better to get away from your nosy ass."), or any of a variety of unwelcome, unsolicited, and unrelated commentary. The majority of people I see aren't wearing masks, and most of those that do wear masks place them on their chin. And casinos fall into three categories: expensive, filled with annoying jerks, or both.

So, yeah... conserving money by combining trips or just staying in as often as possible will be an easy ask in 2021. Also, I've developed a taste for broccoli cuts drizzled with lemon vinaigrette, which is a cheap snack or meal. Sure, most of my pants are too loose, but that's a good problem to have.

If I feel the need to gamble (responsibly; after all, 2021 will be the year that I get my shit together), my go-tos will probably be TrustDice or Roaring 21. TrustDice awards TXT when I tap their faucet, claim the Daily Login task, or make non-TXT bets on Crash; I can then stake the TXT to earn daily cryptocurrency dividends. And Roaring 21 offers $1 Craps with 3x Odds, which is likely the best Craps game in Vegas until the Jokers Wild reopens their table games (they offered $1 Craps with 10x Odds on Monday through Thursday; They "hiked" the price to $2 on Friday through Sunday). It's true that neither TrustDice nor Roaring 21 offers great food specials (the Cannery's rendition of "chicken and waffles" is to put five large pieces of fried chicken on a Belgian waffle, and it's amazing), but I don't have to worry about annoying gamblers at TrustDice or Roaring 21.

And I'm currently looking into two more potential investments: a website that offers 4%-7% on a variety of cryptocurrencies, and a smartphone game with an in-game currency that converts to Ethereum. If/when either of these pass sanity and profitability checks, I'll share them and add them. Until then, I'll keep mum. I don't have to correct a post that I don't make, after all.

Merry Crypto, one and all!

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