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(Long Past) Time to Set a Budget: 2021-02

By LoonyLiberal | Dollars and Nonsense | 30 Jan 2021

One of the benefits of leaving Las Vegas is that I am in close geographical proximity to my generous supervisors at Three Gen Media. Although I am technically a freelancer, they offer phenomenal yet unofficial benefits.

Case in point: they're helping me literally turn my life around.

One of the biggest problems I had in Las Vegas was that it was virtually impossible for me to get into traditional permanent housing. This left me bouncing back and forth between weekly/monthly residences, hotels, and homeless shelters. And whereas I am technically in temporary housing, the set-up here is far safer, far more peaceful, and far cheaper than anything that I could reasonably expect to find in Las Vegas. And my supervisors are working on putting me in touch with their landlord who owns multiple properties and is willing to work with financially-imperfect people such as myself.

I doubt that I'll be permitted to stay in my current location past mid-April, but that will be plenty of time for me to get my budget back on the rails. Having a virtual oasis that physically separates me from naked hostility, distractions, and frequent interruptions has worked wonders for my mood. I'm still struggling with fits of depression and anger, but they're less intense, and they don't last as long. This also gives me more focus to work on both my Three Gen Media writing and my personal projects.

And one of my personal projects is to get smart with my money, so here's a basic rundown of how I'll earmark my February finances:

  • 37% - SPEEDY CASH
    This will completely pay off my credit line. I will need to train myself to treat this as a last resort. This will come in time, but I'm already taking baby steps towards relying less on this.
  • 26% - MONEYTREE
    Since MoneyTree does not operate in Illinois or Wisconsin, paying this payday loan off will permanently remove it from my budget. I look forward to allocating the money I save towards other expenses.
  • 16% - RENT
    I told you that my temporary housing was a great set-up.
  • 8% - WARDROBE
    Yes, I've said this multiple times, but this time, I have to stick to it. The temperature here ranges from the low thirties to the low twenties, so t-shirts and thin jackets won't suffice. Also, my trusty steel-toed shoes have cracked soles, so I can't forestall replacing them any longer. And whereas I'm not bound to any professional dress code, I would like to wear something other than plain t-shirts and old khakis.
    I'm sad to say that my financial reliance on friends has led to losing friends. Even though I do my damnedest to repay them, I need to break this habit lest I get a deserved reputation as a deadbeat moocher.
    Thankfully, my 3GM work covers groceries. This allocation is for items that would be useful or rewarding but do not fall within a standard shopping trip. Useful things would include steel waste bins and wooden hangers. Rewarding things would be mostly "premium" foods like thick-cut bacon and frozen desserts.
  • 3% - ?
    I'm leaving myself a bit of a cushion just in case I overdo it with one of the other listed expenses.

    An army marches on its stomach. Granted that I shamble on mine, but the premise still works. I'll need food and cleanliness to keep moving forward.
    This will be mostly bus passes. I'll put some money on my Lyft account, but dealing with the ridesharers in Vegas make Lyft and its variants a last resort.
    I'm never going to retire if I only make $0.01/day in passive income, so I need to step up.

    Buying 2 bonds a week is at least 8 bonds a month, and every 8 bonds adds another penny per day to my passive income. That may sound like a boring investment, but I don't need the excitement of scam miners, scam HYIPs, and scam games.
    This site pays daily compounded interest, and it has consistently completed deposits and withdrawals (though the lag time is occasionally maddening). If I can eventually boost my balance here to an entire Bitcoin, that would be roughly 7,5000 satoshis per day, not counting interest.
    The ability to buy fractions of shares and the boosts (essentially cash-back or BTC-back rewards) associated with their cash card make Cash App a favorite investment of mine. It's also a superior choice to PayPal when it comes to sending and receiving money.
    This Bitcoin investment fund is one of my picks mainly for ease of use. Brave Browser automatically sends my monthly BAT rewards to Uphold, and Uphold partners with Hedged Bitcoin. It's simple to convert the BAT to BTC, then send the BTC to Hedged Bitcoin. If I want to boost my investments, I can made additional payments in BTC or USD at any time.
    This is another site that pays interest for cryptocurrency balances. It doesn't have much in terms of bells, whistles, and features, but it helps me generate passive income.
    I've bookmarked a few sites which I plan to pursue when I have the excess money to do so. I'm relying heavily on BitmoneyTalk Reviews and referrals from trusted friends only; virtually everything else has bitten me in the butt.

Financially, my year started off on the wrong foot. However, with a bit of discipline and a bit of stability, I might... *gasp!* ...be able to indulge in some holiday shopping for my loved ones at the end of the year.

Go big or go home, right?

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