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Earn with Gemly!

Earn dollars to accumulate gems! This is the gemly game

By ROcrypton | ROcrypton blog | 17 Mar 2023


  Hello everyone, it's been a few days since I started playing gemly, by now you may have heard about this game, but honestly we have to have a lot of patience to reach mining 1 dollar, and it also has multiple cryptocurrency withdrawal options


  The proposal in the gemly is that you increase the damage done to the Boss (and he stays there taking infinite damage, Alias ​​dies one and another always comes like this).


 I didn't need to invest anything, except my precious time, because the attack and earnings increase according to the ads you watch, this is that type of "window" ad, you are obliged to keep the page open for a few seconds, then you earn an amount of gems that can vary between 300 gems and up to 1800 gems that will be used to invest in your battalion of warriors and thus increase the damage that is endlessly hitting the Boss, and you are not obliged to enter every day if I don't want to (it's enough with the rollercoin that I have to play all the time, I've already lost my PC level 4 twice because I can't log in every day... I work a lot there in the construction of the building and sometimes I don't have time or I run out forgetting, just so you can have an idea, I write this text at dawn after taking a shower, having dinner and taking a nap, which we don't do for some satoshis, right! ).



 So for those who still don't know gemly I'll leave the link if you want to check it out you might like it, but as always I'm honest you have to be patient because it only pays after a million accumulated gems, I've been playing for a month longer or less and I'm already dealing damage of about 2000 gems per day, but I invest again in my clan to increase the damage on the Boss... It's a matter of choice, either you accumulate or you reinvest! And for sure if I had more time I would be earning more .. just like that! Link here👇

          Earn with Gemly




   Choose your cryptocurrency faucet - With a super simple interface and no need to watch ads, just solve a captcha eight times a day per hour, paying between 2 and 27 satoshi per captcha. - one of the best faucets, it has more than 20 different cryptocurrencies where you can choose four coins a day and after accumulating a minimum of 0.05 usd you can trade within the platform itself, and it has many more options to earn and even has a bet worth worth checking out. - perhaps the best known faucet by all but it's not like the others, it's more like you work for them, the withdrawal limit is 3 dollars if it's in DOGE, LTC and DASH but if it's in BTC then it's 5 dollars and if you try to win something without seeing advertisements this is not the place but if you like to do those market research then yes you are in the right place there are several market researches and some pay a considerable amount, there are promotional codes and a giving organization envy to any other faucet!  - here you can earn from 1 to 6 satoshis every 15 minutes solving a captcha but the differential of this faucet is that it has an investment platform in Bitcoin per share each share is equivalent to 1000 satoshis which blocked for 180 days yields 260 satoshis has existed since 2020 and has 5 stars on trustpilot. It also gives you a 50% referral link on your friends earnings!




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