Distributed Ledger Technology


This Masters Final Project deals with the powerful irruption of new technologies which are advancing at a frenetic pace revolutionising the way of living.

This is an unquestionable fact that should not be ignored by the industrial sector. More precisely, we will mainly attempt to address not only the Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain but also the smarts contracts which are becoming a novel and controversial way of contract.

In addition, financial and legal sectors are now putting greater emphasis to understand and apply these breakthrough and revolutionary technologies focusing on their use and converting all their proceedings. Also, this Project leads the way as a road map for companies, organisations and institutions in order to adjust them to the new paradigm, stressing the main implications in terms of private law such as procurement law, corporate law, compliance, Due diligence etc.

On balance, as we develop the exciting study of these disruptive technologies, we will easily see the several implications for legal and economic operators and likewise their intricacy.

Finally, we leave record of the lack of legal lightness neither accuracy for the major of these requirements that we face in the short term.


Tecnología de registros distribuidos — DLT —Blockchain — cadena de bloques —

Smart Contracts — contrato legal inteligente — Bitcoin — criptomonedas — hash — peer to

peer — criptoactivos — legaltech — fintech — internet de las cosas (IoT) — Sociedad de la Información.

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Álvaro CL
Álvaro CL

Blockchain Lawyer & economist (NewLaw).

Distributed Ledger Technology (Spain)
Distributed Ledger Technology (Spain)

Distributed Ledger Technology (ETH)

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