CryptoWin is Paying 26% Interest on BTC.

By Adrian Castaneda | disruptive_tech | 11 Nov 2021

Half a year ago I found a page that would allow me to get a 26% return on BTC. After testing it for just over six months now, I can say that I find this website to be reliable as I have been able to profit from it with zero issues. In this article I will explain how I've been taking advantage of it and how you can profit from it too.


CryptoWin is, by now, a recognized Bitcoin faucet that not only allows us to claim free Bitcoin every 15 minutes using their faucet (we can also earn BTC by completing offers and watching ads) but it will also allow us to earn a 26% interest on our Bitcoin by buying "shares".


Each "share" is worth 1,000 Satoshi (0.00001 BTC) which we can buy and get 7 Satoshi back per day for the next 180 days, thus returning a total of 1,260 Satoshi per every 1,000 Satoshi invested. Throughout the last few months I have been buying small numbers of shares to try it out and so far I have been paid successfully every day. I also generate extra Satoshi from their faucet and watching ads making this site my favorite Bitcoin faucet of all.

CryptoWin Share System



There are 2 ways to take advantage of this interest rate:

  1. Earn Bitcoin through the platform for free  using their faucet, watching ads, completing offers and then use those funds to earn interest. You can earn between 100 to 250 Satoshi daily if you decide to go this route. 
  2. Buy "shares" by depositing Bitcoin from a personal wallet or a micro wallet such as FaucetPay (I have used the latter).

I currently own 23 shares which of which 20 I bought using BTC earned through the site while the other 3 were bought with deposited Bitcoin just to try it out and make sure it worked. As you can see I get paid daily and so far I've been paid 12,866 Satoshi. 


So far I can't complain. Six months have gone by and my results are nothing but positive.

You can also check my first review on CryptoWin when I had first discovered it here.

I will continue to use the Bitcoin generated for free by the platform using the faucet and watching ads to reinvest and continue to take advantage of this interest rate. I have been testing this platform for over 6 months now and have been able to verify its ability to pay. I have made over 10 successful withdrawals. 


1. FaucetPay: FaucetPay withdrawal are made instantaneous and with ZERO fees and you can currently withdraw from 200 Satoshi. I've seen the minimum withdrawal number change throughout the months, but the highest it's ever been is 600 Satoshi. 

2. Direct Wallet: Currently the minimum withdrawal for a direct wallet is 15,000 Satoshi and the withdrawal fees sre 2,000 Sat per transaction.




Sign up to CryptoWin using this link: CryptoWin

Sign up for a FaucetPay wallet using this link: FaucetPay

Learn more about FaucetPay cryptowallet reading this article: Micro Wallets - Review

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Adrian Castaneda

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