How to verify & register for coinsbit account

How to verify & register for coinsbit account

What are coinsbit? is a large electronic exchange in Eastern Europe, currently standing in the top 6 of the leading exchanges on

The operation of Coinsbit exchange is similar to that of Binance, Houbi … which is a place to trade valuable cryptocurrencies.

The headquarters of coinsbit is located in Estonia. The exchange has continued to grow with free token-giving programs such as CNB (the brainchild) in 2019, early 2020 coinsbit is having a program to donate 30,000 CNG ~ $ 300 tokens.

Instructions to Register for coinsbit account 1. Instructions to register

Step 1: Visit via the link below.

Link to register

Registration interface appears you fill out the following information:

  1. Enter your current E-mail address.
  2. Password — Enter the password.
  3. Confirm passwork — Retype the password.
  4. Click on “I agree to ITEcosystem OÜ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” to agree to their policies.
  5. Press SIGN UP to register coinsbit account.

Step 2: Confirm mail in the e-mail.

Coinsbit will send an e-mail to the email where you registered your coinsbit account, check your mail and click on the link they sent to complete the confirmation.

After completing step 2, you have completed the registration for account.

You need to verify your identity to get 300,000 CNG from (finished)

Link to register

2. The price of

The CNB token currently has a rank of over 700, which is a potential token you should own. See the price of coinsbit on coimarketcap.

CNG token currency of is the future currency in CNGame Casino system. You can use CNG token to play games in CNGame Casino.

CNGame Casino will open on October 1, 2020, and they are having a program to distribute 30,000 CNG tokens worth ~ $ 300, right now you should see how to register for a account through the instructions below. (finished)

Instructions to verify

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Log in to your account by e-mail and password. The system will force you to verify that it is not a robot with a popup.

Instructions to verify


Drag the slider at position 1 to match position 2, not to deviate.

How to:

At position 3, drag the slider gradually to position 4 until position 1 coincides with position 2.
Select an account to enter verification, here you will complete KYC.
Go to Verify to KYC account fill in the information as the image below.

Click SUBMIT to complete the information, note that the information should fill out the same ID card or other personal documents.

Next, they will ask you to upload a photo ID or passport (ID), to see if it matches the information you have entered above or not. Note the ID here is the ID card or passport, driver’s license …

Upload to Front of ID Card (ID). Upload to the Back of ID Card (ID). Upload your selfile photo (must be able to see your face clearly, not covered by your ID and paper) 1 hand hold your ID and bring it to the front of it.

In the other hand, you hold a piece of paper. For example March 25, 2020 (this is the day you should upload the image).

Link to register

Wait for the system to confirm the information.

The system will automatically verify the information you submit, if the information is correct you will receive a notification of registered e-mail.

Image for post Image for post

If your verification account has a problem, please send an email to support them.

So you have completed the registration process for coinsbit accounts, as well as how to verify account.

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