How to Register on LATOKEN?

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Signing up for LATOKEN and participating in the prestigious LATOKEN aidrop program is one of the most simple and reputable ways to make money for students by phone.

You are looking for information on how to register on LATOKEN? The simplest and fastest way to KYC LATOKEN?

Watch this tutorial to start creating a latoken account and how this KYC LATOKEN (LATOKEN account verification) helps you to transact cryptocurrencies and participate in LATOKEN's aidrop programs quickly.

Joining aidrop LATOKEN is one of the most secure and reputable ways to make money for students by phone, without experience or any expenses.

Register for a LATOKEN account here

I. Instructions for LATOKEN registration

To register for a LATOKEN account you need to visit LATOKEN's homepage via the link below

Step 1: Please visit LATOKEN official website and click Login or Sign up button



Step 2: Choose to register LATOKEN by email or phone

There are two ways to register LATOKEN by using email or phone number. In this article, I will guide you on how to register LATOKEN by email.



Enter your email address in the line Your email address and then click continue. If you want to use your phone number to register for LATOKEN account, click on Login or sign up by phone number.

Click Continue means you agree to comply with LATOKEN's policies.

Step 3: Enter the password

Enter the password to log into LATOKEN in the box Set a password

Note: The password consists of 8 characters, including upper case letters and numbers, Nam recommends adding 1 special character to increase security.



In the Password confirmatinon box, you type the password again to verify that two lines of the password match are not mistaken.

Part Referral Code You enter 5kusp4vk or leave the default.

Continue to click Sign up to complete LATOKEN account registration.

Step 4: Confirm email

LATOKEN system will send an email to your registered e-mail box, find and enter the code that the system has sent in the email form code box. In this example it is code 302900.


At this point, you have completed the procedures to successfully register an account on LATOKEN. Next, you need to KYC your LATOKEN account to start trading or participate in making money through LATOKEN Aidrop programs.

Register for a LATOKEN account here



  When you KYC your LATOKEN account successfully, you will get more benefits from withdrawing money to participating in other programs such as Fiat deposit, the ongoing IEO.   KYC means LATOKEN knows who you are, you are the customer and partner of LATOKEN so they need to know to better serve you as well as avoid cases where you are a robot participating in the system.   KYC is an identity verification process conducted by LATOKEN officials to ensure that LATOKEN's customers meet certain compliance requirements.   There are 3 KYC levels. Each level requires different types of information about customers. You only need Level 2 KYC, which is suitable for students who want to make money online through aidrop programs.  

1. Benefits of completing KYC LATOKEN

Higher withdrawal limit   $ 1000 for 1st tier KYC $ 100,000 for tier 2 KYC $ 500,000 for 3rd tier KYC Fiat deposit   By completing TIER 2 or TIER 3 KYC, you can send Fiat directly via the Simplex portal to LATOKEN's platform.   Participate in ongoing and future IEOs Purchase of alternative tokens listed in the LATOKEN platform is only for completing Level 3 KYC.

2. KYC LATOKEN Process

To start KYC, you need to Login to your account with registered email or phone number and password.   There are 2 locations that you can choose to start KYC LATOKEN. The following sections will appear in the Profile Details section.  

  • Name: You can tap Verify Pass to initiate the information change and complete the KYC.
  • Email: The email you have registered
  • Mobile number: Click Add mobile number to verify your phone number, if you have registered by email, you will need to verify your phone number, but if you register by phone number, you need to verify an email. The system will send a code message to your phone or email, enter it and click confirm.
  • Account Name: You can change your username by clicking on the line with the pen to change your name.

Or click Register Level 2 now to start (KYC) level 2 verification. There are 3 steps to complete KYC level 2, which are Personal information, Residence info Selfie and ID (photograph with ID / CCCD / Passport)



In step 1 Personal information, fill in the necessary information such as full name, country (citizen) date of birth (, note the name must be unsigned, the system only accepts Latin characters.   Then press the next step to go to step 2 to complete the permanent address  

  Complete the information of your residence.


  Press Next step to continue.   Take a personal photo in your presence, along with a paper with latoken + date and then uploaded.

Please make a photo of yourself holding a handwritten note. Requirements:

- Straight to the camera, eyes opened, face clearly visible with no dark shadows,

- The note contains handwritten word "LATOKEN" and today's date,

- Background is neutral and light-colored

- No sunglasses. Avoid flashing reflections and eye-covering frames on your optical glasses

- No headwear. The exception is made for religious headwear if it also present on your ID photo, but your face must be clearly visible from chin to forehead


Continue to download your documents for account verification. Note that the information must match the uploaded documents.  


Press Appy and wait for the system to review.   So in this article, Nam instructed you to register LATOKEN and how to verify (KYC LATOKEN). You read the manipulation and follow it will be successful. Share if the article is valuable to you.   Signing up for LATOKEN and participating in the Aidrop program is one of the ways to make money for students, simple but reputable mothers, follow other articles. Male will update new Aidrop here on LATOKEN here.

Register for a LATOKEN account here


LATOKEN is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on liquidity for new tokens. LATOKEN entered the CoinmarketCap Top 20 in March 2019 and continues to improve results.

Some positive news on LATOKEN.

300 million USD + daily sales

More than 300,000 traders have registered

More than 320 cryptocurrency pairs are available for trading

Low transaction and withdrawal fees

New trading pairs are being added every week

In addition to cryptocurrency trading, eligible LATOKEN users can participate in the Sale of selected tokens at pre-sale and crowd sale stages. Security token offering (STO) is also available on the crypto exchange LATOKEN.

Other features of the LATOKEN Platform include:

Instant exchange (LA DIRECT)

Advanced trading features

Crypto / Fiat portal

What is LA token?

LA token is listed on seven exchanges, including HitBTC (Top 10) and LATOKEN is working to list LA Token on other major exchanges.


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