The legal nature of Ripple (XRP) is still unclear. Many XRP lawsuits have happened in succession

The legal nature of Ripple (XRP) is still unclear. Many XRP lawsuits have happened in succession

By Blockchain | Digital money analysis | 15 Jan 2020

The latest information on January 15, 2020 that I have received this information is that the Chairman of the Commodity Products Trading Council (CFTC) said that the Bitcoin and Ether markets are commodities. XRP is still unknown.
The CFTC Chairman also spoke about the legality of XRP in the process which is still unclear
Heath Tarbert (CFTC) Chairman also emphasized his views on Bitcoin and Ether in an interview on January 13, 2020.

"Bitcoin and Ether are two names we need to discuss today to come up with the necessary rules."
In the US, the CFTC is responsible for managing traded goods, and the SEC will manage them. The CFTC president also made a lot of opinions about XRP, saying that the organization still has no specifics about XRP's assets.
Tarbert also spoke about his views on the XRP token, which is still unclear although the CFTC has been working with the SEC to be able to make management management decisions for many years. Tarbert further elaborated on his views.

We have been working very closely and seriously with the SEC for many years to be able to decide on how to manage it appropriately, we think that the participants will need a certain amount of time to verify. . without a thorough review, we will not be able to devise appropriate management for this property. ”

Tarbert is positive about the current cryptocurrency market: what we are managing, we want to create a market for digital assets, we are still allowing the circulation of this asset. . But it must be a commodity in order to comply with this legal framework. ”

He also added that the futures market market to be developed on the cryptocurrency platform will still be allowed. Tarbert, CFTC said we are trying to legalize the market as well as to increase the liquidity of cryptocurrencies by offering many risk management solutions.

 XRP is still facing a lot of trouble, Ripple (the company that issues this token) faces multiple lawsuits over allegations that it has sold securities illegally.


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