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Dear reader,

I’m sure you’ve heard these expressions before, maybe you’ve even uttered them yourself from time to time:

  • "Time is money”

  • "Quality over quantity”

  • “Invest in yourself”

I believe that expressions such as these exist because they are indeed true to a certain extent, (just like stereotypes, unfortunately enough) and thus have become ingrained in our lexicon over the passing of time.

Time, like many other things in life, whether tangible or not, can be considered a substance of value. You can trade time. Time is something that you can invest, as you would your money. But what do you get in return? What’s on the other end of the deal? Is it money? Experience? Both maybe? Some people have more money than others. Some people seem to have more time. Some people however have no money and no time. Why is this?

I’ll let you in on a secret…there is no such thing as time management! You can spend as many Dollars, Euros, Satoshis or Dogecoins as you wish, but no amount of management is going to stop that clock ticking. It-will-keep-on-tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tocking, all day and all night long. Nobody has a 25th hour up their sleeve.

The trick is to manage your priorities, within these 24 hours of time we’ve been gifted. Now as you set off on your priority scramble, the first rule to understand is that time is your most precious resource and you should be very careful how you spend it. See how I said spend your time. We say that phrase every day, just like spending money. Time is money. It’s as simple as that.

Quality over quantity. Another expression you’re probably sick of hearing, right?

Think about how you value, or position, yourself. Are you getting a poor deal? Take a moment to analyse your qualities. You must have at least something you're good at, I mean you made it this far in life so far, didn’t you? Do you exceed in any particular field of expertise? If not, then you could consider investing some of your precious time in order to increase your quality. Otherwise you’re left negotiating with quantity. You’re offering a quantity of time and being poorly remunerated. Flip the script. Offer your quality. Sell this instead!

"But how? I’m not good enough to charge higher."

Maybe, but you still have one resource that you, ultimately, are the owner of: your time. As we already saw, time is money. Spend it on yourself. Invest in yourself.  

Invest your time into high quality endeavours. This eventually translates to a better representation of your own value, your own quality. This will be better remunerated further on when trading your time for someone else's money. 

As you’ve invested your time, hopefully into something valuable, you can now begin to recoup that investment. How? By offering your time, dressed up as quality, to someone in need of quality and is willing to spend their money for your time. Your time is worth more, due to your prior investment.

Once you get a few good deals, buy some more time for yourself. Time is money, you need to purchase time for yourself. This comes in the form of gaining time by foregoing income. Rule one states that time is precious, so if you value your time, take this newly purchased time and compound it into more quality time by reinvesting in yourself. The quality accrual can eventually be billed back to prospective clients further down the line.

What you end up doing with your time is your business, but I think most people can agree that a balance of various activities is highly beneficial.

Let's consider some skills that could be worth investing your time in:

  • Education in a specific field

  • Uncomfortable scenarios

  • Speaking engagements

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Memorable moments

  • Physical health

A well-balanced approach to all of the above will give you the skills you need to produce better results and negotiate higher terms, while feeling sentiments of positivity and growth along the way.

If you’ve read this far, then I thank you for having invested your precious time in my writing and I hope you found it valuable and/or insightful.


Talk again soon,


Digital Media Freelancer

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