Digital Media Freelancers
Digital Media Freelancers

Digital Media Freelancers

This blog is dedicated to all the hard working freelancers, trying to make it in the online creator economy. My aim is to showcase some of the warriors in the space, share some tips & tricks and offer opinions every now and then.

Web3 Writing Platforms

22 Jun 2023 6 minute read 3 comments JaseDMF

The What Why and Where of Online Writing’s Next Frontier Photo by Shubham's Web3 on Unsplash     From exclusive literary tokens, to wallet-based subscriptions, censorship-free social media and decentralised marketplaces, there are countless opportun...

Checking In on Polygon

18 Jan 2023 2 minute read 2 comments JaseDMF

What’s new in 2023? Photo by GuerrillaBuzz Blockchain PR Agency on Unsplash   It’s been a while since I took a look at Polygon. The last time I paid close attention was when I wrote up my deep dive in July 2022, at which point MATIC had pretty much...

Why Your NFT Project Needs a White Paper

8 Dec 2022 7 minute read 5 comments JaseDMF

And who should write it? Image credit: Markus Winkler, Pexels   Would you let your plumber fix your car’s engine? Would you let your kid’s teacher install your double glazing? Probably not. Different tasks require different profiles, and the same go...

Case Study: Cyber Syndicate White Paper

4 Dec 2022 4 minute read 1 comment JaseDMF

I recently penned the white paper for Cyber Syndicate, an upcoming GameFi project set to launch in the Sandbox metaverse. Here's how we worked it out from initial concept to final product. Image source:     Firs...

Worried About Twitter Going Down? Give Hive a Try!

23 Nov 2022 7 minute read 1 comment JaseDMF

Dear reader,   What a messed up year it’s been! We knew that crypto would get messy after Bitcoin reached its all-time high last November but few could have accurately predicted the chaotic shambles we’d find ourselves in now. First we saw the incred...

Minting Text NFTs on Tezos

4 Nov 2022 3 minute read 4 comments JaseDMF

Dear reader,    As I sit here basking in the glory of my freshly minted Tezos NFTs, I thought I’d recount my journey from being a clueless, tezless nobody, to a slightly clued in, little more tezzed, word minter.  So, where to begin… I ma...

Quitting My Job Taught Me About Customer Service

19 Oct 2022 3 minute read 1 comment JaseDMF

Dear reader,   There are many benefits to working as a freelancer that I’m starting to appreciate. One such thing took me by surprise however: customer service. I used to work in customer service in that stint of mine in corporation land. It was awfu...

Cardano: A Deep Dive

3 Oct 2022 17 minute read 13 comments JaseDMF

Dear reader,   As Ethereum raises the stakes and merges into its new identity, the hype surrounding ETH killers may appear to have calmed down somewhat. This successful transition to proof-of-stake doesn’t rule out the competition altogether. One suc...

A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Blogging

11 Sep 2022 10 minute read 3 comments JaseDMF

Dear reader,   I’ve been spending more time on Medium recently as I aim to claim triple digit clout and activate yet another earning stream from my writing. During this period of time, I’ve found it quite refreshing to read some content in niches tha...

Dealing With Impostor Syndrome

9 Sep 2022 4 minute read 6 comments JaseDMF

Dear reader,   Who are you? No seriously, who do you even think you are? This is a question that many high achievers find themselves asking at times, despite the countless number of wins stuffed firmly under their belts. There’s even a name for this...