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By Yotingo | Digital Finance | 14 Mar 2022

  What's better than making money while you sleep? Making money all the time! It's nice to have a little passive income coming in as you try to build your crypto fortune. In my opinion the best way to start getting passive income without any upfront cost is HoneyGain!

HoneyGain lets you earn money for simply sharing your internet connection and your personal data stays untouched. It requires as few personal details as possible and your info is kept anonymous at all time! The cool thing is, like some other earn-money apps, the more you share, the more you earn so if you have an unlimited data, fast internet, and a few device to connect to it, you can make some decent passive income 24 hours a day. 



HoneyGain don't just share your connection with everybody. They "only work with well-known and respectable companies, approve every use case individually, and monitor all client activities throughout the entire partnership." Get a bonus $5 for using my referral link!

Your Identity is always kept private and your info is never shared with third parties. Since your computer acts like a gateway, or more like a "Tower", the data only comes in but never comes out really! There's more details on the website, but in short you are protected the same way you use your internet everyday! It won't change nothing except if you have an unlimited data plan and using several devices, you might earn good money!



It's Easy to start and it as no upfront cost! I find it one of the easiest ways to make money while you sleep! Just sign-up, Install, open the app, and start earning! Plus, you get a bonus $5 for using my referral link! Cashing Out starts at $20 or less if you Cash Out In crypto!


If you are looking to earn extra bucks for things you already do, I recommend you to try Honeygain! It rewards users with easy passive income for very little effort. It might be a small amount at the start, but if you have an unlimited internet connection and a few devices to connect the app with, it can become a real substantial cash income for your crypto investments!

Click HERE to start earning now!


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Honeygain - Earn crypto passive income with your unused bandwidth !


Please note that I am not a Financial Adviser, and these are not professional advices. Always do your own research before investing or before buying anything online! DYOR!

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