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By Neel Yadav | Digital Art | 15 Aug 2019

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A new SuperRare (1/1) artwork tokenized today! This one took a bit more time than usual to create. As is the case with many others, the original idea in my head for this piece transformed into something else after starting the process.

We all have a pair of lenses which we filter the world through, a frame of reference, so to speak. Generally it seems that, overall, everyone's worldview falls into the following three "styles":

● Rose-Tinted Optimism

● Media Mediocrity

● Erroneous Nihilism

Of course, it's not that simple, everyone wears different lenses through which they view different subjects. On average though, a person will have one or two frames through which they see the entire world as a whole. The point is that none of the three are neither the "right" nor "wrong" choice.

Which frames do you think you wear?

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As always, if you liked this digital artwork, check it out on SuperRare through the link at the top. Otherwise, if you're a Twitter user, I'd appreciate if you showed this tweet some love by liking and/or retweeting it!

Oh and also, if you wanted to look at the frames in more detail you can play the GIF on Twitter (or in the embed below) and pause it by tapping/clicking the image.

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Neel Yadav
Neel Yadav

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Digital Art

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