Distilled Winter ~ 5-Part NFT Collection

By Neel Yadav | Digital Art | 11 Jun 2019

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The following is the 5-part series of collectible NFTs I created and put up for sale on SuperRare. These were the first works of digital crypto art I've created and published. You can view and/or bid on the pieces below through the title links. Two of the five are still available for sale by me, the other three have been purchased by other collectors, you can still bid on those however. I'm new to Publish0x and hoping that you all are interested in these sorts of posts. Thanks for checking this one out!

Distilled Winter [1/5]


Distilled Winter [2/5]


Distilled Winter [3/5]


Distilled Winter [4/5]


Distilled Winter [5/5]


Neel Yadav
Neel Yadav

Student of life, death, and everything in between. I dabble in a bit of everything - jack of all trades; master of none. • beta.Cent.co/@NeelYadav • Twitter.com/N831Y • SuperRare.co/NY • MakersPlace.com/store/NY/ • NeelYadav.com

Digital Art
Digital Art

Collection of posts showcasing my crypto art NFTs - Take a look at my collection and creations at SuperRare.co/NY

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