Why I Married Your Mother

[Why I Married Your Mother]

When you were approaching 3, I started to teach you finger spelling. I found out that finger spelling helps some dyslexic people with speed reading because it enables them to focus on the shapes of words instead of the individual letters. Regardless of whether you turned out to be dyslexic or not, I could only imagine that I was arming you with a multi-pronged, multi-sensory approach to learning English.

It speaks of the extreme pressure cooker your mum and I were embroiled in because 2 or 3 weeks transpired before I could tell your mom about it.

“I am teaching some of my dyslexic students and our son finger spelling,” I announced and proceeded to explain why.

“You mean, like Tom Cruise?” she commented, “He’s dyslexic. He learns lines by having them read aloud to him.”

This is in a nutshell why I married your mother. No matter how much I think I know about a topic, she always teaches me something new and adds on to my pool of knowledge. She knows everything! Yes, I had Googled “Is Tom Cruise dyslexic?” before I typed this post.

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