I Donated My Toluna Points To Red Cross So That It Can Help Ukraine

609667993776262009b91f7c68e54e8810554e3492287e174821b7a0facfa073.jpgI know this is a long shot but how can I call myself a writer if I don’t do what I can to help the Ukrainians to overcome this senseless war? I don’t know about you but I am more drawn to all things Ukraine these days. I stalk The Guardian for prompt updates of the war; I started watching this Ukrainian show “Servant of the People” on Netflix; and I even picked up this book titled “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian”. It feels like I am trying to keep the Ukrainians in my thoughts as a last resort since there is nothing I can do. 

I know that crypto has been leveraged to great effect. And the Ukrainian President himself tweeted BTC, ETH and USDT addresses to which global citizens might donate their crypto. I first came across this news on Reddit and am embarrassed to say that the whole notion of donating crypto to a stranger, even if it is for a noble cause, felt so radical to me that I didn’t do anything. I was also too attached to my crypto funds to want to activate them.

Luckily for me, even though I didn’t seize the opportunity to donate towards the Ukrainian war effort, I saw this in my email (see attached screenshot). Toluna is a survey website that I sometimes immerse myself in. It rewards me vouchers and even cash if I complete its surveys conscientiously. 

Anyway, the email was about exhorting users to donate their Toluna points to the Red Cross. Toluna also pledged to match donors’ contributions.

Without hesitation, I logged on and donated 22,000 points. This was because that was all I had on the platform.



Toluna’s fundraiser ends on April 30, so I guess I will put in extra effort to complete its surveys so that I can contribute more towards the Red Cross. Also, to broaden my impact, I thought I would share my referral link on the off chance that people might feel galvanised to do likewise: https://sg.toluna.com/referral/k1983050c

I get 500 bonus points for every person who sign up. I assure you that I will donate all these points to the Red Cross. It’s a drop in the ocean, no doubt, but doing so helps me sleep better at night! 

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