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The virus that took our lives - PART 2

By Diana1929t | diana | 28 Jul 2020


It happened very fast. Things were changing very quickly and we weren’t even able to react that fast. Mannifestations were being shut down. I was confused but still trying to be brave enough to survive this ERA. I mean... it is hard to survive under such awful conditions. Not being able to talk about anything in front of people, keeping a body distance from everyone, even families!

My family is not living in the same city as i am, therefore my connection with them went only throughout the phone calls.

It has become even harder to see my friends and i could sense it. They were trying to stop our access to phones too. It would be our only connection left with society, and i am sure that THEY want to cut it off.

It is brutal to live in such a world, since 3 months ago i used to have a normal democratic life.

But life never goes as planned, does it?


........................1 week later...........................


THEY have announced a posible appearance of a vaccin. I doubt it. I can feel that there is something more about it.

I met a guy the other day, when i was grocery shopping. Couldn’t see his entire face, due to the obbligation of wearing a mask, but he did seem cute.

I miss having a connection with someone. He wrote his number on the back of a plastic cup that i bought. I think i am going to text him.

But what is the point in that? I can’t meet him. Or can i commit a little ‘’sin’’? I don’t know how far the authorities can go.

I am scared but also intrigued.

So... i called him. YOU will not believe what happened! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Watchout.



PART 3 COMING SOON (tomorrow)

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