The virus that took our lives. Part 1

By Diana1929t | diana | 14 Jul 2020

I've tried to write about it countless times. I never succeeded in this project. Obviously, a different kind of restraint. This only in conditions of care placed in little fame. Literature is complex, and Romanian literature is often impossible to equate. I thought about writing in other members ... But what charm would it have? Life is too short to think only of money and fame. Write because you feel, not because you have to.

I went out into the street. I thought I was blurred. The probability is higher, ie from home for 3 months. I used to see the light of day through the window, but it can't be compared to the feeling of a journey on earth with the sun shining through my whole body. It bothered me. I wondered if the ceilings felt the same way. Everything happens for a reason, it can be said continuously. In addition, there are people, making a natural gesture of covering the eyes, when you can make glasses until the moment they are mineral, then they are lower from the bottom and you look at the sun. You do, but also pleasant.
The story had begun with the care of the virus invading our lives. Human rights have been encouraged and the virus has been heated. More details about this phenomenon, about medical points of view, I am not able to offer, but, in short, to get infected you had 24 hours to survive when you are your body until disintegration. There is no explanation, there is no antidote, there is hope. There is, we may be sure we have more. We do not want to believe that there could be a tree of care to catch us, to float outside this can suffocate infections, but this is not possible. That's why I went out on the street. We cannot continue, either we die or we escape. There is no middle ground.
Our experiment in protest failed. 2 min later the hospitals were filled, and 24 hours later, Romania has an event that will go down in history. 50,000 deaths in 24 ore. The Romanian army had to intervene twice a day, and we are confused and scared. We can't afford our day. We do not have to behave or assume that we should continue to live, still may be constant unknown, isolated in the case. Food reserves can be established, the financing of the majority of the population is an extreme problem.
I'm scared and alone. Living alone in a house takes care of being able to be deserted, friendship I can not see, family or phone contact. Thanks to the internet is possible, because it may be possible to socialize. I received an important life lesson, the internet and the virtual world cannot place and cannot replace real life.
7 almost impossible days followed. I am left without agreements, and the regulation in question regarding which there must be at least 2 people, so that shopping can take place and they can take care of the house. This is Romania, a legislation and no regulation people think culture lips, clearly illiterate. However, they have an advantage: they handle excellent elderly people. What I feel? I will ask myself something about this source, being more important and more every day to mean everything that can be kept in this amount.

* I put my socks on and I'm on the drum. I am encouraged to meet the national team. As for the universe, he meets Adina, a childhood friend.
"There will be a revolution," he told me. And he left.
How confusing is everything, or national assembly? How well could it merge?


I woke up suddenly one morning, almost unaware of what might be encountered. In a bizarre way, we can't remember anything. During the day they can be reminded while they are present, as it can be called in front of me, but they cannot have anything to happen in twenty and in the country. I am not much more stressed to do this, I am paid for work, I am professional and I am in the continuation of my day while this is happening to stretch in my life.
In the evening, I secretly saw a friend. Why secretly? Because every corner is controlled, we are not allowed to see anyone if we do not live in the same households. It is a safe use for a newly spread virus, a harsh but effective, EI rotated. Of course, it seems unusually exaggerated to me what can be kept, when the democratic country is not reduced citizens' rights to -1.

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