By Diana1929t | diana | 26 Jun 2020


I have seen lots of people trying to be someone they are not. But the question here is…is it worthy? Is it worth enough to sacrifice everything about your individuallity, in order to receive some good feedbacks that are in fact, fake?

Do people feel better just because of some silly compliments, or is it in fact, more important to feel real and authentic?

The answer is basically extremely simple.


I hate it when i have to pretend to be someone i’m not just because of some social STANDARDS. That is rough. Especially because i’m a female. I have to act like a „lady”, dress like one and watch my language.

That is some sort of cliche…but in fact it has been said so many times because of how TRUE it is. It hurts to be a woman during those times.

Especially, when you are expected to be a different person and do not have the right to express you fully, truly personality. We are raised to be in a certain way, and along the way we lose our individuality. THAT IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.

Dear parents, dear teachers, boys and girls please STOP implementing behaviour aspects on other people’s lives!!!

We call ourselves free, but what is freedom exactly?


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