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By Diana1929t | diana | 28 Jul 2020

The resistance and oppression movement of Romanian communism.

Scientific articles:
1) Bădescu, Cezar Paul, “Communism is a word that can be reinvested”, Dilema, Nr. 484, 2002,, p. 15 (accessed March 17, 2020).
This article is based on the oppressive international movement of the communist political regime. Thus, its usefulness is to provide information from the broad sphere of this oppressive movement. The author mentions the equivalence between fascist and communist crimes, a relevant idea in the analysis of the measures taken by these political regimes.
2) Durandin, Catherine, „1989”, Sfera Politicii, Nr. 142, 2009,, pp. 75–80 (accessed March 17, 2020).
The usefulness of this article lies in the harsh and explicit vision of the December Revolution, in a comparative manner. In detail, the chaotic events that took place in the last days of dictatorship are explained. From a political point of view, the manifestation of the Romanian people that made possible the collapse of the communist regime is questioned.
3) Ghinea, Cristian, "Suddenly we saw how many we are", Dilemma, Nr. 479, 2002,, p. 20 (accessed March 16, 2020).
The article discloses acts of betrayal of the protesters, but also information about the slowdown in accession to Europe, which made it impossible for Romania to join the NATO association. The usefulness of this text stems from the fact that it is written from the perspective of a protester of this Romanian communist regime.
4) Roske, Octavian, "Selective memories: the year of the revolt, the years of repression", Archives of Totalitarianism, no. 1-2, 2015,, pp. 292–295 (accessed March 18, 2020).
This article offers a broad perspective on Romanian communism by mentioning the form of oppression on the resistance movements of young people of that period. This text is centered around the young generation and the dialogues between them, which reveals a harsh and honest reality.
5) Wagner, Richard, “Who made the dictatorship? Ceausescu alone with his poor wife? ”, Literary Romania, Nr. 45, 2001,, pp. 14–15 (accessed March 16, 2020).
In this article the author talks about the role of the writer in the Ceausescu dictatorship, represented as a critical and political one. Another relevant fact mentioned is the reinvention of the author exiled from Romania, during this period. The usefulness of this text is to provide an overall perspective on literature, and free expression in the West, as opposed to communist.

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