Introduction into a woman’s life

By Diana1929t | diana | 28 Jul 2020


The story

  I wanted something he did not. That is why we went separate ways. There are many things that i would like to change, more like to improve about myself, but i would change NOTHING about my past. I embrace who i am, and i am aware of the fact that the person that i’ve become is defintely because of the past difficulties i interfered with. This is how my coming out story started. For over 18 years i thought i was straight. Dated several boys, hoeing a lot, as society would love to call it. Time passed, and i became more aware about my feelings. I had to outstand all of those stupid standards and accept me and everyone else. Why did i use to judge people so much? Why do you? Life is extremely short and not worth the time of judging other people. It is hard to understand them until you become one of the victims. All bodies are beautiful, all people have good in them, some more and some less. THAT IS LIFE, just go with it. Or don’t. But you will end up old, realising how much waste you did on this Planet! I went through bodyshaming, agresivity, sexual assault and many negative aspect in my life. Which has totally changed me over the years. It probably started when i was 12 and was called a slut because of hormonal problems. Definetly my parents calling me fat didn’t help with the process of blooming. Starting by that, i would love to share more with you about my past, mistakes and acceptance. My story includes romance, dramma and positivity overcoming everything!


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