Loopring's front-end will be open source! Challenge to front-end developers!

Loopring's front-end will be open source! Challenge to front-end developers!

By andrercules | devnewbies | 10 Jun 2020

Hello everyone! I need to talk about this good news from Loopring Organization and to front-end developers!

So... loopring pay was released and this is pretty good, now we can transfer and pay ETH money with loopring without fees, but... that comes with new changes... then that comes with this announces that came from their twitter:

First: Loopring will open their front-end website code to everyone! it will be now open source, and this is a really good opportunity to front-end developers that knows ReactJS, to fork and know its platform and improve it! You can go to its github here! And have a look to their old website!

Second: Loopring org will give a bounty to improve their front-end's new platform, yes they want to create a really new web system for loopring pay!

They will give 20.000 LRC ($2,5000) to who constructs the better layout and follow this requirements:

  • Responsive design (right now Loopring.io isn’t mobile compatible, so mobile-friendly is important).
  • Have a layer-2 balance page to display all layer-2 token balances.
  • Have deposit/withdrawal/transfer history pages.
  • Support deposit/withdrawal/transfers.
  • Support a generic, configurable Web3 provider, and support Metamask as default.
  • The compiled code should be really tiny for mobile integration.
  • Use React as the frontend framework, no server-side rendering.

I got it in their website from this news here!

Guys, this is a good chance to who is front-end developer, improve your capabilities to create and be the future of this organization! If you don't know what front-end developer do read about them in this article!

If you already is a front-end developer (as I am) you can create for them a new platform and if you create a really amazing platform you can get the bounty! I know it's hard, but amazing to study and learn React code(Javascript), challenging youself!

If you want to challenge yourself to create this new amazing platform, start here: https://gitcoin.co/issue/Loopring/dexwebapp/158/4431

So that's it, thanks for reading! And tip if you like! ;)


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