Fantom - Quick DeFi researche

By Driblinho | DevAndTrade | 24 May 2021

After BSC and HECO I start locking some more decentralized ecosystems to explore. In this post, I present my quick researches about this chain.  

What is Fantom?


Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. Network consensus protocol is a Fantom’s aBFT.


What is aBFT consensus?



In an aBFT network, nodes can reach consensus independently conveys this information, and they don’t need to exchange finalized blocks. For this reason, aBFT consensus mechanisms are completely leaderless, increasing security: there is no round-robin and no Proof-of-Work.
Unlike pBFT, which relies on the fact that all the messages shared among nodes will eventually be delivered, aBFT allows for messages to be delayed or lost altogether. Besides making networks particularly resilient to DDoS attacks, aBFT also lowers the transaction’s latency, resulting in a faster network.  


Famtom Wallets

Fantom is an EVM compatibility network that means to work with this network you can use your present Ethereum wallet and Metamask.  

How configure Famtom and MetaMask


To configure metamask for work with the Fantom Opera network you must add the custom network to your metamask.  


After that change network to Fantom Opera. You can add this network later automatics from fWallet.  

Get Fantom

You need some fantom tokens for paying the transaction fee and other cool stuff. You can Buy FTM on Binance and ern 10% form fee or any of the available markets. 

Fantom fWallet

In the fantom ecosystem, we start from Fantom fWallet  24aada475bc1c0c768f3487f6c9ca93fddbef30cf01f22497c2667e59b792b22.png By click Connect Wallet we connected metamask wallet with fWallet. From fWallet dApp level, you can start working with the fantom ecosystem. You can manage your account contacts, delegate tokens to stack, collateral, mint synthetic tokens, and swap currently between  FTM and wFTM.    An interesting option in fWallet is stacking and collateral. You can delegate your FTM token and receive equivalents of stacked tokens in wrapped token sFTM. af206802f0deb8c220b9e4adaa903a706f84b5a1bef89a7fca755b07b00db35d.png   sFTM and wFTM tokens you can use as collateral inside DeFi section. e81f733557c593aec4dc7b19dafb1f1a2d975a2b4e8ddad3a2a814e6ab254834.png  When lock your wFTM or sFTM you can Mint Synths tokens Manage your collateral and minted synths    1612fb31dc15c3338ad05ccc5ca5fcd9aaa1801d86e9f62a5c520ed23584a9d3.png Available synthetics token to mints are :

  • wFTM
  • sFTM
  • fUSD
  • fLINK
  • fKRW
  • fJPY
  • fGOLD
  • fGBP
  • fEUR
  • fETH
  • fCNY
  • fCHF
  • fBTC
  • fBNB
  • fBAND


Collateral in fWallet

Fantom collateral has a specific mechanism that provides earn rewards in wFTM form stacking if your collateral stays above a certain level.


C-Ratio needs to be at least 300%. If your C-Ratio is above 500%, you’ll earn rewards in wFTM. If your C-Ratio falls below 300%, your wFTM will be locked (not liquidated) until the C-Ratio goes back to at least 300%. That can happen either via FTM price fluctuations or if you add more wFTM as collateral.


Move assets to FTM network

To moving tokens between chains you can use

3463aa208a8b400948bac4999890d41d28c421a58c8d17923ad127c71559dcd0.png support :


Other dApps in the Fantom ecosystem

For now, the biggest  audited dApps in fantom are :


Sushi Swap - Multi-chain AMM. 

213e0de22a2d67b1868c14d947463112d4c2d2f95c98df4a8a99670b593f3730.png Curve Finance - extremely efficient stablecoin trading.       

Other currently not audited apps :



  • Popsicle finance - Cross-chain yield enhancement platform focusing on Automated Market-Making (AMM) Liquidity Providers (LP).
  • SpookySwap - Native farm and exchange on Fantom
  • SpiritSwap - Platform for trading, staking, and farming.
  • HyperSwap - is a DeFi protocol with a fun token ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom. The ecosystem is built around NFTs, gaming, and tokenomics that will benefit the end user.


Ty for reading and tip


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