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How Experts Identify Fonts From Any Picture And Website

By Mike Dick | designmag | 22 Jan 2021

Have you wondered how experts identify fonts from any picture and website, in a matter of seconds, with almost 100% accuracy, and without spending money?


Font identification is extremely useful, it will help you find better fonts for your projects. And as you know very well, fonts play a major role in any project, no matter what type is it – website, landing page, printed or online magazine, brochure, and so on.


So how expert manage to identify fonts so quick for free?


The answer is simple, they found a great web tool. It is no magic involved, just a brilliant tool.


This is what I want to share with you today.


The name of the font is WhatFontIs, and it is by far the best font identifier in the world. These are not big and empty words, I really mean it.


Why the whole planet loves WhatFontIs, not only experts?


Here are 10 facts to convince you that WhatFontIs is the leader in the font identification niche.


No other software is near WhatFontIs, here is why:


1. WhatFontIs has the biggest font database in the world, with over 700k indexed fonts, both free and commercial.


2. It is the only system capable of identifying both free and paid fonts.


3. You can use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from both pictures, and websites. No other software can help you with that.


Imagine that you see a font that you like on a car, or on a wall, or on a t-shirt, and that you can find out its name, its price, and where to get it from in 1 minute. And for free, even without registration.


4. For each identified font, the software will show you over 60 free and paid font alternatives.


Whenever you identify an expensive font, you will also get free and less expensive alternatives.


This is a super useful feature.


5. Font identification is extremely accurate.


6. The interface is simple to use and quick.


7. The software is free.


8. No registration needed.


9. The WhatFontIs Google Chrome Extension lets you identify fonts from websites, from newsletters, emails, and much more, instantly. You will just hover your mouse over the text you want to identify.


10. There is no learning curve. You can use WhatFontIs right away, with no experience.


If I do my best, I can find even more reasons to love WhatFontIs. 


How to identify fonts from any picture


Using WhatFontIs website, you can identify fonts from any picture you want.


First step is take a picture of the text you want to identify, upload it on WhatFontIs website.


Then you will crop the picture to select the text. Do that only if needed.


Right after you can optimize the picture to help the software better identify the text. This is useful only if the picture is not very clear.


The last step is to write down the letters identified by the software. This step will be skipped if you register (free of charge and it takes less than a minute).


Now you will have in front of you the name of the font, its price, and where to get it from. In plus, you will get also 60+ free and paid font alternatives.


The whole process is quick and it usually takes around 1 minute.


Try it, you will love identifying fonts from any object that you like.


Identify fonts from the web


WhatFontIs will help you identify fonts also from the web – websites, landing pages, emails, and newsletters.


You will need to install WhatFontIs Google Chrome Extension, free of charge.


After you install it, you will have WhatFontIs icon in the upper right part of your screen.


Go to the website on which you saw that superb font, click on the WhatFontIs icon to activate the software and hover your mouse over text.


You will find out instantly the name of the font. If you click on the text, you will also get 60+ free and paid font alternatives.


It is extremely simple and quick.


Give it a try.




From the moment I discovered how to properly identify fonts, I never stopped using WhatFontIs.


Whenever I see a new cool font, I identify it with WhatFontIs and even if I am not using it right away, I am saving it in my own font database.


Identify fonts like experts do.

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