NETJAMMERS Mint goes live, NFT collection by Kirtaner (Aubrey Cottle) Founder of ANONYMOUS

By 6IX9INE | [DEFI]CIT BLOG | 26 Oct 2023

Aubrey Cottle, also known online as "Kirtaner," is a Canadian internet activist and hacktivist. He gained prominence as one of the founding members of the hacktivist group Anonymous. Anonymous is a loosely organized international collective of activists and hackers known for their online activism and cyber attacks against institutions and individuals perceived as unjust.

Cottle became involved with Anonymous in the early 2000s and played a significant role in several high-profile operations. He was known for his technical skills and for being a spokesperson for the group. Over the years, Anonymous has been involved in various operations, advocating for internet freedom, government transparency, and social justice causes. Cottle, like many members of Anonymous, has remained anonymous, using the pseudonym "Kirtaner" online.
He gained attention for his involvement in a high-profile incident when he unmasked a prominent white supremacist and neo-Nazi, Cole White, who participated in the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cottle and other activists exposed White's identity, leading to significant consequences for White, including losing his job after his employer was informed about his participation in the rally. This incident highlighted the power of online activists in holding individuals accountable for their actions in the real world.

NETJAMMERS is a 10k PFP collection that unlocks a web3 game that sees you as the character become a hacker. You will play within the mindset that most closely resembles being in the security world. Both multiplayer and PVP this game built by anonymous itself, will push the limits of the publics knowledge of puzzles, and challenges that someone in the industry would actually deal with on a day to day basis.

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