Navigating the Whimsical Waves of $MAD: Meme Addiction Disorder

By 6IX9INE | [DEFI]CIT BLOG | 26 Mar 2024

Welcome to the absurdly delightful world of $MAD — Meme Addiction Disorder, a condition so uniquely internet it could only thrive on the Solana blockchain. This isn’t your garden-variety affliction; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions powered by the highs and lows of meme culture. Imagine, if you will, a world where the changing of the seasons brings with it a tidal wave of memes, each more potent and laughter-inducing than the last.


$MAD hits the crypto community like a perfectly timed punchline, waxing and waning with the precision of a finely tuned meme algorithm. When the digital leaves fall, so does the spirit of the meme market, plunging enthusiasts into a chilly winter of meme nostalgia. But as the virtual snow melts, $MAD sufferers find solace in the spring bloom of fresh memes, culminating in a summer frenzy of digital laughter and investment mania



The cure for $MAD is as unconventional as its symptoms:


Screen Therapy: Indulge in round-the-clock meme consumption. The brighter the screen, the better.


Laughter Sessions: Engage in daily giggles, chuckles, and full-blown belly laughs at the latest meme trends.


Dopamine Investments: Get your fix by riding the rollercoaster of meme coin valuations. Today’s Dogwifhat could be tomorrow’s BONK.


Products and services:


A must-read: “The Ultimate LOLs: A Journey Through the Meme Economy”


Subscription: “The Meme Market Insider” — Weekly doses of high-octane meme trends and $MAD mitigation strategies.


The hallmark signs of $MAD begin with an insatiable appetite for the digital zeitgeist, from the foundational humor of Doge to the meteoric rise of Peng. Watch for:


A deep longing for the warmth of summer memes during the cold meme winter.

Nightly scrolls through meme compilations, leading to disrupted sleep and a severe case of red-eye.

Seasonal cravings swinging from heavy Dogwifhat indulgence to speculative splurges on Solama and Anita Max Wynn.

An emotional rollercoaster, riding the highs of meme virality and the lows of missing out on the next big BOME.


If you find yourself questioning your reality outside of the latest Kermit meme or if Slerf’s adventures seem more tangible than your daily life, it’s time to consult a $MAD professional. Your nearest meme community or subreddit can provide immediate consultation and relief.





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